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Felted Alpaca Shoe Insoles For Men or Women

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    • Feet Cold? Need more padding? Then these Alpaca Felted insoles are for you!
    • All made with our alpaca fiber.
    • Approximately 1/4" thick.
    • Can be trimmed to fit with sharp scissors.
    • Color varies by batch


    • Medium fits up to Women's size 8 and Men's 7
    • Large fits up to Women's size 11 and Men's size 10
    • XL fits up to Men's size 12


    Normally, a good airing out will do, but by accident, I discovered that these felted alpaca insoles can be washed when I had them in a pair of slippers and threw the slippers in my washing machine. I had forgotten about the insoles being in the slippers. Not only did the insoles come out clean and fresh, after having been worn daily for several months, but the trip through the laundry rejuvenated and restored the padding.

    Here's How to Wash Felted Alpaca Insoles:

    • Place insoles in a lingerie bag.
    • Machine wash in cool water with like colors.
    • Reshape and Air Dry
    • *Full disclosure to add that since I had not removed the insoles from the slippers, they came loose from the slippers during the wash cycle, so I didn't put them in a lingerie bag. They were loose.
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    Before we wash our fiber, we blow out the dust! How much dust? This video shows how the dust and second cuts we miss during skirting come right out. Alpacas love to roll in a dust bath. Blowing out the fiber after skirting reduces the amount of water we use. It's that much less dust in our products and saves wear and tear on our equipment.

    How to care for your alpaca fiber products

    Alpaca Fiber Care Tips

    • Alpaca fiber is naturally antimicrobial, so it doesn't need to be washed often.
    • When it does need a good clean, wash on a gentle cool cycle (preferable a wool cycle if your machine has one) with a mild detergent, or hand wash.
    • For best results, turn your garment inside out before washing.
    • The best way to dry your alpaca garment is just to lay it out on a flat surface to air-dry.