February 27, 2022 Sunday: What’s Your Favorite Comedy Movie?

“My favorite movie without a doubt is Mrs. Fire.”

Jay’s Pun-A-Day calendar

Today my plan is to get out of the house a bit. Yesterday, I got a few things accomplished. I got my studio organized and started putting things together for the upcoming Raggz Fiber Affair fiber show in Delmont next Saturday. I realized that I haven’t gone anywhere or seen anything different for a few days. I guess I need that. I had a hard time prioritizing what I needed to do, so:

Late in the afternoon, I had to take a drive to get out of the house and Jay came with me. We ended up at Walmart and it’s a good thing, because we needed a few things, like printer paper and some items for the birds. Nothing we got was made in China. It’s getting easier to find.

Since it was around 6, we stopped at Red Lobster and had dinner. Thanks Jay! That’s always a nice treat. Lobster is one of my absolute favorites and was a perfect meal for such a brisk, cold night. It was delicious and looked beautiful too. I think so many of you felt the same way-that you needed to get out of the house too. There was a respectable wait to be seated and lots of families there with young kids. That was a wonderful sight. There also were a lot of seats available. I think what is still in short supply is workers. Those servers get quite a workout. They carry trays full of heavy stoneware dishes night after night. Our server told us that she didn’t need to go to the gym. I believe her.

I had to turn off the news yesterday. The Ukrainians sure are scrappy and holding things off for now. What’s up with Russia’s plan? Ukrainians still have power, internet and water. They are getting back up now from everyone. The Ukrainians are seen by the world as the heroes (me included) and Putin is showing himself once again as a madman. Maybe we are seeing why Europe has been slow to step in as Russia supplies much of their power too. How can young Russians buy into this crazy guy’s leadership when they seem to have access to the rest of the world via internet? Technology and movies? It’s not the old Soviet Union, though that’s what it seems like Putin wants to reassemble. He’s even calling Ukrainians Nazis and drug addicts when the President of Ukraine is Jewish. Putin’s a nut. I remember when that word-another “N” word was off limits, until Jerry Seinfeld did a whole comedy episode about it. It was a word that you just didn’t throw around casually. Then came the “Soup Nazi” episode. Remember that? “No soup for you!” A Jewish comedian made that horrible word the butt of a joke and in so doing, took away its power. That’s what is so wonderful about comedy and why we need it, especially now.

I’ll just go back to my question of yesterday and then I’ve got to get moving. Whose bright idea was it to give up our energy independence? Are we seeing the big picture yet? Follow the money. It’s a great history lesson here. Maybe a time to revisit our own.

Now on to this beautiful day. After dinner last night, we came home and I fell asleep. We were going to watch a movie, but I couldn’t hold my eyes open. It was 8 PM. I slept through till 6:45 this morning. I feel pretty good.

The alpacas are enjoying it too. if you have any suggestions for good comedies, fire away! One of my favorites IS Mrs. Doubtfire. That’s why I loved today’s pun.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion and pray for Ukraine.

Have a blessed day!

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