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Thank Goodness For Alpaca Socks! Snow in Mid April?

Jay wearing his lightweight alpaca crew socks to feed the birds in 20 degree weather

It’s April 20th here in the Laurel Highlands of Pa and just like our alpacas, our socks are built to withstand all seasons. Just look at this guy. Even the alpacas are intrigued.

Jay is always taking care of our woodland creatures, but never stops trying to outsmart those squirrels and bears from eating all of the birdseed. Birds are his passion. He takes the feeders in at night to foil the bears, but those squirrels are a challenge. Yesterday we had the wintry mix on our side and it made the feeder pole slippery. The sun is out and despite it being only 20 degrees now, the pole needed a little bit of WD-40 to keep the slippery going. 

Thank goodness for our great socks. He’s out there tending his flock in his pjs at 20 degrees, with his Lightweight Crew Alpaca Socks.

This wasn’t going to be the subject of my post.

I was going to share how yesterday:

  • I met with my tech expert and we made the final switch to Shopify.
  • We pointed my domains to this new site. Both and land on this new Shopify platform.
  • I still have a LOT to work on, like formatting this  blog to highlight our alpaca journey and alpaca products.
  • Adding more Lifestyle photos to my product listings. Not sure if Jay outside in his pjs and Lightweight Crew Alpaca Socks is what she meant, but I'll take it!
  • Despite having a lot of products, yarn and home goods, I need to upload and organize them pronto.
  • I learned the importance of having someone who has been there and done that help you get there. For that, I thank Amika Ryan. She raises her own flock of Icelandic sheep, is the mother of two, wonderful wife and lover of all things Viking. She also has great online workshops and  is an experienced tech expert. Thank you! 
  • It's definitely a work in progress and I hope you'll be patient with me while I figure it out.

My Arts Center Fiber class is coming tonight to meet the alpacas and tour my studio. We planned to hold it rain or shine, hoping for shine. Instead, they’ll get to see the alpacas in their element off snow and shine. 

I think I’ll wrap this up for now with a pun. 

“I threw a Ball for my dog. I know it was a bit extravagant, but it was his birthday.”

Jay’s Pun-A-Day calendar

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Here is our glorious view from this morning. The alpacas get to see this every day.

Have a blessed day!




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How do I get the blog emailed to me like I used to? It says page not found. I love your musings but I don’t love Facebook and would rather avoid it if possible.


Those puns are soooooo funny.


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