November 8, 2020 Sunday

“What do you do when disappointment comes? When it weighs on you like a rock, you can either let it press you down until you become discouraged, even devastated, or you can use it as a stepping-stone to better things.”

Joyce Meyer


Another beauty of a day is ahead. I got sidetracked yesterday. I had planned to blow out and prep some fiber to be shipped out yesterday but got word that FB was removing or deactivating anyone’s accounts who supported our current President vocally. I’ve been doing that so I wanted to get my page contents off of there. But how? I have over 10 years of content to remove. Seems impossible. Or maybe I just hadn’t asked the right questions to the right person. I started laboriously trying to copy and paste each post individually and got I think 3 posts transferred to here in their entirety. But oh wow, how would I do more?

Enter my friend Treasure. Knower of all things. She is quickly reducing the followers on her page-the ones she deems a**holes. She doesn’t tolerate crazy. So I texted her and ask if I was still “in”. She assured me I was and I told her that I planned to change platforms but was overwhelmed with how to do it, she of course, had the answer! Here it is if you want to leave too. I still have to be there (for Macaroni Kid and my alpaca biz) but won’t be posting as much. I got the file download and am in the process of downloading it.

I see too that someone has posted a mass exodus from FB event. They could begin to regret their censoring. Other platforms are popping up. They just needed a reason I guess!

So last night we had a wonderful visit with the kids. We had a delicious dinner and though I have been out of sorts both physically and now mentally, Jack cheered me up. “We’re living in the best time in human history” he likes to remind me. “We’re not spending miserable days just existing. We’re having a wonderful dinner together with amazing food.” The Philosopher always brings me back to Earth and reality. Yes, life will go on and we will too.

Our buddy Connor came too and it is clear that I need to have a chew toy or something for my favorite grand dog. He’s a sweetie and tries so hard at 4 months.

Love the tail!

We played the game “OK BOOMER” that I had gotten as part of our 2020 #MKMeetup Swag. It’s a fun game and was just what we needed to take our minds off the situation. It was great just talking, laughing and with no tv! I think Connor liked it too. He took a nap on the table in the middle of the game. Crazy dog!

Connor playing “OK BOOMER“ with us.

We also had a surprise pop in from our friend Raff. Geared up with his mask, we sat outside and chatted. Uncharacteristically, he did not come prepared to spend the night or even eat dinner with us. I miss our old friend. But, he had places to go, people to meet and things to do and off he went. I didn’t even get a picture!

What’s in store today? I didn’t make reservations for church because I didn’t think Fr. Jim was leading the service. It is not streaming and it’s morning prayer. Usually means that he’s away.

Have a blessed day!

It was getting late for our little pup. He was ready to hit the sack.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed Day!


November 5, 2020 Thursday

Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.
Frederick Douglass


Today I head to the doctor for acupuncture and an IV infusion. I think I’ll take my computer and work because the infusion alone takes about 2 hours. I feel awful. No energy, and my crazy waves of feelings are going strong. I was put back by not being able to go for a month. I think too that I am taking way too many supplements. I can’t be THAT deficient.

The sun came up just as scheduled.

Do they congregate during the rest of the day? I love Gregg Gutfeld and Juan Williams. Oh and where are the masks?

Still no decision in the election. It is very interesting how it is truly cities vs. the rest. I still believe in the electoral college. Funny how when it’s going against your candidate, it’s all of a sudden not good, but I believe our system works. Also interesting that our “racist” president is doing well with minorities. Oh well, that will be told in history. No matter what happens, I think Trump did drain the swamp and made wonderful strides to protect our country. He exposed lifetime politicians for what they were. The democrat party has been taken over by tech, massive corporations with limitless money, rich elites and Silicon Valley. Kind of funny. I remember when they were the party of the working person. No more-Trump has changed that and no matter what you think, he is a hard worker. He was outspent tremendously as were all of the Republican candidates. The Democrats like to talk condescendingly to me at least-that’s how I hear it and I didn’t like it. Life will go on. It’s like the SuperBowl around here. Hopefully my posts will go back to normal soon. Sorry if I’m losing some of you, but this is life.

Who’s signing up? Not me!

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.
Have a blessed day!


Sidetracked By the Full Moon

Good Morning from Hammy.

“The mind of God is all the mentality that is scattered over space and time, the diffused consciousness that animates the world.” Baruch Spinoza

August 4, 2020 Tuesday

I have always loved the Beatitudes. Probably because it was one of the few things taught by my Catholic school nuns that didn’t depend on guilt and fear, the twins of faith when I was young. So when #6 popped up today in my book of devotions, I knew I was meant to share it. I did do a series on the Beatitudes about a year ago and this format will allow me to quickly insert those posts and tag them for you to find easily. But not today!

So I missed a few days, but have posts started and in draft mode so I can add them when I have time. Because I have some fun things to share.

This morning I got up and settled into my soft seating “prayer chair” just in time to see a doe and her 2 fawns in the front field. Just like the alpacas do, when the drizzle started, their heads popped up, they stopped grazing and off they ran for shelter. The fawns were covered in spots. So beautiful.

I love our deer.

Last night the light from outside our bedroom window was so bright. I said to Jay, “That’s what happened today! It was a full moon!” My day was so off track. How about yours?

Yesterday I started out with the best of intentions. I even had a schedule and if I had followed it to the letter, I would have gotten everything accomplished with time to spare, BUT now that my brain fog is lifting, I’m discovering deadlines I’ve let creep up and projects that need to be done immediately. It’s ok. I’m almost caught up. Without going into detail, I’m starting fresh today and I’m glad it’s raining. It’s cozy and comforting some days.

A new egg in the barn nest. It’s hard to take a picture so I had Heuston stretch up with my camera and take one-he’s taller. I usually have to put the ladder and stretch over. He did good.

To make a long story about my discombobulated (don’t you love that word?) day short, Jay has been ordering movies “for me” from Netflix. We’ve been watching the oldies but goodies and some sweet new ones, like “Mary Poppins Returns”. Last night we watched the original Disney “Pinocchio” from 1940. I keep trying to tell Jay that Disney movies are very layered and always have interesting messages and the kids don’t usually get the deeper meaning. I missed this one entirely. Haven’t seen it in a while? It’s worth watching. You may remember that Pinocchio is a wooden marionette. We had a Geppetto (I still have G) and a Pinocchio marionette as kids. I thought Pinocchio was mine and Geppetto was my sister Janey’s but I don’t know where he went. We also had Cinderella. She was so beautiful. We loved playing with them but never got the puppet part down pat but that didn’t matter because they were fun. So Geppetto is an old wood carver with a heart of gold who makes the puppet Pinocchio and “when he wishes on a star” 🎼 his dreams come true. The blue fairy tells Pinocchio that “To become a real boy you must first prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish.” Then the adventure begins. How else would he prove himself without mistakes. But he meets up with an evil white haired man who wants little boys, “the bad ones” so he can teach them to do “bad things” and then he whispers in his evil cohort’s ears and they laugh. They take the boys (including Pinocchio) to a place called “Pleasure Island”. I’m not making this up. I haven’t seen this in a long time but notice any similarities? Frightening.

Watching the Original Pinocchio from 1940.

Well, that story wouldn’t go over too well today but it was a great lesson for us as kids. Next best thing to nuns. You can’t go to sleep with a scary story so we had to watch a Seinfeld. I love that show. You THINK you know what it’s about and that they’re all self absorbed singles (and they are!) talking about nothing but it’s so funny! Seinfeld is like a magician who has you focus on one thing so you don’t notice how he pulls off the magic. So this episode is about “The Sniffing Accountant”. It’s also about the judicious use of exclamation points. Or is it? I love it!

I had watermelon gazpacho from the Ligonier Country Market and “Out of the Fire” for lunch.
Gotta END with alpacas.

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!


He stuck a needle here and what happened next will shock you!

Can You Adapt to the New Format? Time for my Acupuncture.

“Will and intellect are one and the same thing.” Baruch Spinoza

August 1, 2020 Saturday

It was time yesterday for my acupuncture adjustment and I couldn’t wait. Apparently I was so looking forward to it that I was an hour early. I had put the time I needed to leave on the calendar instead of the appointment time and thought that my appointment was an hour earlier. It worked. I had enough time to go next door to DeLallo’s and pick up a few things for dinner before my appointment.

The pyramid of peppers.

If you’ve never been to this store, the first thing that will probably strike you is the incredibly stacked and beautiful produce. Everywhere. It’s an engineering marvel. Each pepper or carrot or whatever is lovingly balanced and each row rests comfortably upon the row beneath. It kind of speeds up your trip because there is no need to pick through. Each piece is perfection. so I did my best to make my way quickly so I wouldn’t be late for my appointment.

Fresh local corn.
That colors make me think of Ireland how they are laid out.
How about some Chianti with that?
The cheese looks like pumpkin pie. I couldn’t find the name of it.

I got a little hung up at the prepared food counter. I haven’t figured out their system yet. Seems like some days you need a number and some days you don’t. Some sections like the sandwiches and cheese (which bookend the prepped foods) you do and the prepared food you don’t. So eventually my turn came up and I got their melt in your mouth Mediterranean seafood salad and some stuffed cod for dinner. I was intrigued by a spicy cabbage salad so got some too. Would it be like kimchee? We’ll find out. Then I asked for ice. That stopped the whole production. No, they don’t give you ice. On a hot day. Buying prepared seafood. Okay. An older deli gentleman pointed me to the freezer case and the bagged ice. That would work. I had forgotten my cooker since I haven’t driven my own car in a while. So I made a last stop at the bakery and went to check out with time creeping up on me.

This is such a cozy store. They have such a huge variety of Italian classics yet it feels like a neighborhood market and as such, has its quirks. I decided to go through a different check out lane this time because the one I’ve gone through in the past is kind of sloped at the end. You get your cart so far and then it starts to roll while still trying to empty it. Surely that was because it was a repurposed building or something like that I thought. So into a different check out lane I went and sure enough, same thing. Must be intentional but I didn’t have time to find out and didn’t want to bother the check out associate. When I politely asked her for another plastic bag, she pretty much threw it at me. I wanted to put the ice in it with the seafood and then I was delivering some things to a friend. Thinking it was great DeLallo’s PR, I wanted one of their bags. Off to my appointment I went and arrived in time.

After having my temp taken, answering a few questions and getting settled, I had time to look at the acupuncture posters in the room. Did you know that each of our ears is shaped like a fetus in the womb and that is where the acupuncture affects our bodies? I did not.

Dr. Gerold came in and I was full of questions. I wouldn’t get to see Dr. Gallagher today but I was in good hands with this Dr. G. He questioned how the supplements were working, if there was anything new I’d experienced? It really is a mapquest approach. We don’t want to go too far and get totally off course. I was still pretty energetic-almost hyper. I talked all the time to Jay’s dismay. I was behaving like I did BEFORE I had my thyroid irradiated 20+ years ago and worst of all, I couldn’t stop. He said that it didn’t seem to him that I was talking fast or over him…but I felt like I was. Surely I was? No, you’re not. Well, that’s good to hear but I told him that it feels like I am all the time and fast! I’m talking fast. He asked if I felt manic. And I said yes. Like my mind is going a mile a minute and I’m getting so much done. He said that was great sign that things are working. Well I guess that’s good news. I mentioned that for the first time of having my yearly eye exam, I hadn’t needed a new prescription for lenses. She said the change was so small that it wouldn’t make any difference. That’s fantastic he said. Oh! And I told him that I had been stung by about 20 bees. That’s good, he said. Really? And my hands swelled up. That’s good he said. Really? And I took prednisone. That’s bad he said. And I quit taking it. That’s good he said. The stings are great for your immune system he said and asked if my mouth or throat had closed. No. Then don’t take the prednisone. We’ll explore this further. In the meantime read the article my friend Mary wrote for my newsletter about onions and bee stings Don’t Let a Little Sting Ruin Your Summer

He set about the treatment. To make a long story short, the acupuncture is being used to treat my cholesterol, thyroid and adrenal system. As he inserted the needles (which are like thread thickness and you can’t feel pricks or pain) I asked questions. At one point, he needed to put a few in my abdomen and I needed to lower the waistband of my knit skirt. I felt a twinge in my back on the right side around my waist. There were a few needles in there already. I didn’t say anything thinking that I had just twisted wrong. So when he finished the needle placement I asked him to go over again where they were and what they were for. He said that a few were for my adrenal gland and pointed to the exact spot I had felt the twinge in my back. Incredible to me but no surprise to him. He said that my adrenal system will get a chance to relax now and he left me in a darkened room for 20 minutes. It’s like the relaxation at the end of a great yoga practice, which I have to do more.

After the treatment, I got to talk to the nurse and she helped me navigate through my new directions. Reducing a few of the supplements and explaining a few that I wasn’t clear on. My cholesterol has always been on the high side but thank goodness what makes it high is the good cholesterol. He still wants to get it down so I’m on a supplement called cholesterol factors at twice the recommended dose. It’s a proprietary blend with a red yeast rice extract as a base and I have a friend who used it and lowered her cholesterol by 100 points. I know that it works. I was hesitant to try it because traditional medicine says to stay away from it if you have thyroid issues. So home I went, feeling peaceful, calm and confident that I’d live another day.

I dropped my goodies off to my friends, got my hair styled by the wonderfully talented Ivana and spent the rest of the evening canning my tomatoes.

That’s a story for another day!

Remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!

The Cholesterol Factors.
Stay tuned for the canning episode.
Morning visitors.
I love to see them grazing on grass. So much better to eat fresh.