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April 13, 2022 Wednesday. My Pants, Miranda’s Boobs and a Trip Down Dressmaker Lane.

“People who take care of chickens are literally chicken tenders.”

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Thanks to all of you who answered my question yesterday about this blog. The majority of you feel that I should carry on as usual, so I guess I will. Today, I have some thoughts.

I had a pretty busy day yesterday but was so happy to make my last stop at my hooping class. Dawn had been away and we hadn’t had class for a while, and somehow, I’d misplaced my favorite hooping pants. I wore another pair and quickly realized that it was going to be a night of struggling with my bottoms. If you’ve read these posts about my hooping journey, then you know how important what you wear is to hooping success. Really! Slippery clothing makes it harder to move the hoop up and down your body. This little tidbit inspired some thoughts.

When I walked in, I was greeted with lots of “Hi Julie!”s. It’s like Cheers. Everyone knows your name, and if they don’t, Dawn will make sure we all know each other in time. That’s our circle. We all took our places and Dawn started the class by turning on her computer for the Zoom students, turned on the music and said, “Did anyone watch the Country Music Awards?” Most did. I turned it on for a little while. I’m not sure who anyone is anymore, but do like country music. Dawn was telling us how she was texting a friend back and forth about who was who and then someone said something about Miranda Lambert and her very unflattering dress that practically bared the front of her body. As a former dressmaker, things like this make me crazy. Can you imagine how uncomfortable that would be? Here I was, struggling with my pants and having my own wardrobe malfunction and we were talking about Miranda Lambert’s boobs.

I have a few stories about this. As a former dressmaker, I’ve had to deal with a few other peoples’ body parts over the years and I’ll tell you that there is a little bit of delusion going on sometimes in the fitting process. Several times I’ve fitted custom work to perfectly reasonable people only to realize that they have crazy ideas about how things should look versus the function. I had one client choose a fabulous woven silk shantung print to make into a sheath dress to wear to a big event and fit it to her beautifully. At our final fitting, she thought it looked too baggy. It didn’t. She was as thin as a rail and thought it should be skin tight. This was way before Lycra, spandex and spanx. We built a crazy thing called wearing ease into garments so that you could do things like sit down, or, say, breathe! Oh no, she said, make it tighter. “But, you won’t be able to move if I do that.” “Do it”, she insisted. I left a bit of ease, but boy was she insistent that I take it out. “Perfect!” She proclaimed at the final fitting when she picked it up. Next time she came, she informed me that she couldn’t eat at the event and I don’t even know how she sat down. Who knows how she got to the event. Someone may have had to lay her across the back seat of her car. There is a big gap between the vision of the client and the fitting and practicality of the garment.

Then another client came to me and the first thing she did was take her top and bra off and say, “What do you think?” There in all their glory we’re here new breasts. Unlike most women’s, they stayed where they were when she removed her bra. Standin’ tall, so to speak. “I just got them! Aren’t they great?” Yikes! I thought she was pretty great looking before. Apparently, she thought she needed a boost. I met her when I was doing alterations at an elite dress shop to supplement my custom dressmaking business income and she became a custom client. Oh the stories.

One time, I was at this shop, crawling on the floor measuring a client’s dress for a hem and the owner started talking about all of the plastic surgery she’d had. A few others piped in about all the plastic surgery they’d had. I kept quiet. The owner mused, “Does ANYONE have all of their original parts anymore?” They all looked at me. “I’ll bet SHE does!” “Yeah, I do.” That made me feel so strange. I was the minority in this crowd and glad to be.

But back to wardrobe malfunctions, Miranda’s boobs and dressmakers. Who do you think gets the criticism if they weren’t supposed to be the star of the show? The dressmaker. I’ll bet there was a lot of discussion about it between the client and the dressmaker. When I saw them, I immediately thought of my client and her new pair. Miranda’s had the same look. A little too perfect. But that dress was awful. The color was nice, but that’s about all. I have a stock photo but I can’t upload it. Must have something embedded so I can’t. You’ll have to look it up yourself.

I want you to know that 95% of my clients were wonderful people. Grounded and such lovely people inside and out who needed my services. I appreciated them more than they knew. The custom suits for business women that I had the pleasure to make, the opera gowns, the wedding gowns, and just fitting the ordinary person with the correct hemlines, sleeve lengths or any kind of special events. When you are wearing a garment that fits well, you feel great. Be kind, but most of all, be realistic when having something fitted. Dressmakers and Seamstresses work very hard to make things just right for you.

I feel for Miranda and her boobs. That couldn’t have been comfortable at all. My pants at hooping were such a distraction. Today I’ll have to straighten some drawers and I may find my perfect hoop pants. Let’s hope!

Here’s a picture of one group who has all of their original parts and don’t really care how they look, which is a good thing, with the rain we get. Our local weather person has been great lately. Instead of calling things a “weather event!” or “Severe Weather!”, yesterday she said “we’ll have a few more April Showers..” or something like that. But she referred to the rain as “April Showers”. That’s what we get. It’s so nice to hear it described like that. Thank you!!

Tonight I have my fiber class at the Arts Center. This group has been amazing. They’re loving the meditation that making your own yarn can deliver. I have to prep some fiber today so that we don’t run out, so I better do that and pack my things so that I’m not rushed.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!

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