Daily Reflections From My Window

January 15, 2022 Saturday: is This the Calm Before the Storm?


“Apple is designing a new automatic car. But they’re having trouble installing Windows!”


I like puns that make you go “ugh!”. They seem to be the punniest! Get it? Did you get the one I posted yesterday about the “Insubordination”? That was tough. Hope this pun starts your day with a chuckle.How are you preparing for the big storm that is coming our way? I’m thinking that I might need to get some fresh fruit and vegetables if there are any left. We have lots of other things. Seems like the best thing is to make sure that your gas tank is full, you have ice melt, a small shovel, extra boots, gloves, hats, a flashlight, fully charged cellphone and a blanket in your car if you DO have to go out. And kids, this is not the time to think that you don’t need to have a coat because you aren’t going very far. As the Scouts say, Be Prepared. Wear a coat. Check out the temp this AM. How are we preparing in addition to the above? Thanks to the wonderful Christa and Eron at the Garden Haven in Westmont, we are on their list to be plowed out when this storm hits. Why didn’t we do this sooner? We’ll still get out and shovel the sidewalk and behind our garage, but having Eron do our driveway will be such a great help. Bring it on!

Here’s an update on the micro greens planter given to me by Sarah. Day 2. In a few more days, the cover will need to be removed. I can see some action already. Can you? The instructions say that you can have them anywhere because micro greens don’t need a lot of light. I’m keeping them on my kitchen counter. I can’t wait to see green. I took this photo on the floor in front of my soft seating chair (the one that Connor and I wrestle over) and with light from my magic window. It’s just perfect. The natural light filters in softly with no shadows and I usually only have to edit the size. It’s a real gift, this window.

Last night, after watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, we were going to play Scrabble. I started watching Shark Tank and Jay wanted to catch up on a Tasty Trade video he had missed earlier in the day, so we’re postponing that to tonight. I really love to play scrabble. It tweaks that brain.

Are you watching Jeopardy? The current winning contestant has just surpassed Ken Jennings as the biggest all time winner. Is there anything she doesn’t know? I’ve got to research her, like what her profession is and what her key to remembering everything is. Those other contestants don’t stand a chance. Did I see that there may be a local young lady who tried out and got a spot on the show? I’m not sure when or if she was up against the current winner. I’ll have to investigate.

As for Shark Tank, it always amazes me the products the sharks invest in and why they do or they don’t. Last night, there were a few that stuck out. The first one was two guys who invented a broom that had vacuum ability for sweeping up small amounts of stuff. Instead of fiddling with a broom and dust pan and not getting that last bit up and having to drag out a vacuum anyway to get it, you swept with this broom, then flicked a button and sucked up the grit, or dog food or whatever quickly and efficiently. Sign me up for one. I’ve been cleaning and organizing and this could replace all of the brooms and hand held vacs hogging up space in my laundry room closet. It would be perfect for anyone with a camper. In the end, Mr. Wonderful invested. I just read the reviews and people would rather shop for a $2 broom and be ok with that. $60 is a lot for a broom with a vac, but when I sweep, I’d think, this would be perfect with a vacuum attached and what took so long for someone to invent it?

Next up was a woman who attached a light to a hat. Got me thinking of all of the hats I make. She had no patent and was all over the place. That might be something to think about further. I think Mr. Wonderful was onto that one too. The rest bowed out. I like ideas and I think that’s what I like about Shark Tank. Some day, I’ll think of something!

After that, we went back to merry old England for a wonderful story called “Enola”. It’s the story of Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister and I’d give it a thumbs up. So did Jay. It was full of clues and anagrams and we were yelling at the tv…spell it backwards! Or, why didn’t we see that! Or, there he is! It was a fun movie to watch. Now before you think all we do is watch tv, and I don’t really care if you do, we just leave it on while we’re doing other things. Since I discovered that I can have my YouTube knitting machine videos play on the tv while I clean and organize and work, it’s not as quiet. The daytime choices are abysmal.

While we were watching the movie, I pulled out my spinning wheel for the first time in over a year. It needs a little tuning up. There’s a click and I couldn’t even believe that I started spinning with no bobbin. It’s been that long. That’s a video that I need to revisit for sure today.

This post is too long, as usual, and later than I’d like, but oh well!

Why did the pun today strike a chord with me? We like Microsoft for many things and up until now, they’ve managed to avoid the political correctness arena. Well, now the have spellcheck suggestions like instead of typing postman, they’ll suggest mail carrier (I thought me already called them both?) or instead of mankind will suggest humanity. Oy! I didn’t even know they were offensive but they say that these words are. I think I can still call this my herd?

As for the scripture quote of the day? It keeps me grounded when I read them.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion. Stay warm and safe this weekend.

Have a blessed day!