Daily Reflections From My Window

January 14, 2022 Friday: A Surprise From a Friend Far Away


“Is it Ironic that I bought my eyeglasses sight unseen?

Jay’s Pun a Day Calendar

I love when I immediately get it! This one was funny and easy to solve.

I had to think about the pun in the photo below all week. Finally yesterday I asked Jay to explain it to me and it took two of us before we both said, Oh, that’s it! Still we’re looking at it. I think it’s important to note that it is in all capital letters intentionally. Let me know if you get it. I’m not going to explain what we came up with. It’s a brain twister for sure. Yesterday was a great day to get organized. Clutter is so unproductive and I have a tendency to create a bit of clutter especially in the hallway and closet from our garage where we all enter the house. Shoes, coats and winter wear we no longer use accumulate there. Not to mention shopping bags and hats. Then because I can’t find what I need, sometimes I pick up another if I’m out and about and create more clutter. Am I alone here in doing this? I have more shopping bags than I can use so that I don’t use plastic shopping bags but I find myself using the same two or three, but the ones I save are so pretty. I should just put them in my car and then I won’t be tempted to get more. You would not believe the amount of stuff that came out of here. Here it is after the purge.

It was nice to be alone yesterday because I could spread everything out, go through it, wash what need to be washed and separate it into what’s going, what’s staying, what’s going elsewhere. For example, we had 2 pugs forever. They loved to wear costumes-yup-that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! We have raincoats, sherpa jackets, bumblebee costumes, Nemo and Dory, hats, funny leashes-halters for walking, double leashes, you name it, we have it. Some were gifts and some were practical-like the raincoats and jackets. Pugs kind of hold the wet so it made sense. And then there are the geriatric pug necessities, like diapers and covers. I washed everything and put it in a box because you just never know, right, and they just don’t make things like they used to. Now it’s all clean and tucked away for the FUTURE times two if needed.

Now onto the laundry room. Yikes!

My boss from the store I told you about in my post yesterday had a wonderful mom who would come visit us sometimes at the shop. It was in the days where women still dressed up to go downtown. Always dressed in a beautiful wool coat and matching hat, she could have been the Queen. I loved her visits. She had a saying that I still believe today. With a twinkle in her eyes (and her raincoat and matching hat), she would say, “When it’s raining on the outside, make sunshine on the inside.” How true! Today I’m taking her advice. My plants have been neglected along with so many things since I’ve been in my fog. My son had a talking to with me yesterday and if I didn’t know better, he could have been Cher in one of my favorite movies, “Moonstruck” when she yells “Snap out of it!!!” at Nicholas Cage. I woke up, snapped out of it. It’s nice to know. I’m feeling like myself again. Again. It may take a few more agains, but we’ll get there! Yeah, I know that this is too much information, but I can’t be the only one who feels like this during the crazy state of the world. I’ve been struggling but thanks be to God, my family is not giving up on me. I’m more than an annoying mother, I’m as my dad used to say about my mom once in a while, I’m “hell on wheels.” Not today. I’m Julie “organization is the key” and I can’t wait to get started.

I have wonderful friends too and my hope is that eventually we will be able to catch up in person.

For now, a special friend sent this. Of course, I tore it open and got into it right away! What better way to make sunshine than to plant some micro greens! Thank you Sarah! I couldn’t imagine what could be in the box since I didn’t remember ordering anything, but then who knows what the heck I’ve been doing lately. It was better than I could imagine and so easy to do. I filled the tray with water and followed the directions and in 7-10 days, we should be harvesting micro greens. I can’t tell you how much I love this!

Now to figure out where to store the extra seed matts. They’re thin and about 11×5″. I think I’ll put them in the pantry with my herbs and seasonings. That way, I won’t forget. I’m also going to take pictures every day and share the progress. Here it is Day 1 and I forgot to mention the beautiful bamboo frame. No special lights are needed either which is a bonus, since I want to keep it on the island counter in our kitchen. Another bonus? No need to water. I like that.

One more thing I’d like to mention. Who else is overwhelmed with digital organization? Yesterday on the Today Show they had an expert on talking about ways to get everything cleaned up. I’m wading through those waters but because I can’t put things in piles, it’s really a challenge to clean out. I’m determined to purge there too. If you feel the need to unsub from this blog, I understand. No hard feelings. We’re all facing email clutter. I’m purging friends I don’t recognize on FB, newsletters I never read, apps. Apps take up so much space! Photos! Do you know how many random photos I take? Just in the morning, I take way too many to get my view. That’s a tough one as it changes by the minute. Any tips in this department? Let me have ’em! I was going to post a link to their tips, but when I searched, other sources came up first. Go figure that they aren’t even first when I put exactly what I was looking for when searching. Seize the day and make sunshine inside! I guess that’s what the alpacas are doing today.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion-the pursuit of organization!

Have a blessed day!