Daily Reflections From My Window

January 7, 2022 Friday: First Real Snowfall of the Winter and a Granddog Sleepover


“I love it, I love it, and who shall dare

To chide me for loving that old arm-chair?”

Eliza Cook

We’re having our first real snow fall of this winter, probably about 4″. Last night, Jack and Madison spent the day exploring Pgh while the grand dog spent the day with us. As the day went on, we told them that if the weather got bad, to hunker down and Connor would be fine here. He was, and spent the night with us. I’ve had better nights sleep, because he likes to sleep on the bed, but all in all, he was fine. The important thing was that HE was comfortable, right?

He is a great dog to have around. Our only other thing is that he loves my soft seating and view as much as I do and it’s something we try to outsmart each other to take control of. Hence the above armchair quote. Here we are sharing the chair with him sitting on the arm. The second I get up, he’s on the seat. Here he is looking in from outside, yearning for the chair. Right now, he’s on Jay’s special chair. It is funny how he wants to sit where we like to sit.

What a difference a day makes. This was yesterday, sunny and in the high 30s. Last night at around 10:00 PM we saw this.

Now, it’s barely breaking 10*. Brrrr and the wind is picking up , so what is the wind chill? Here you go from my Dark Sky weather app.

That’s pretty cold, especially when we aren’t used to it. Normally, I’d say to bundle up and take a walk, but it will be all I can do to bundle up and feed my livestock. They don’t even seem to like this. Only one out today on the girls side and one boy out.

These two don’t look too bothered though. They can go in and out as they please and this is their choice.

Last night I was able to resume hooping. I missed Tuesday because of a commitment. We had been off since before the Holiday. Dawn reminded me that I hadn’t hooped for 22 days and I felt every day of that. It was like starting over and riding a bike at the same time, in that, I didn’t forget how to do it, but that I had lost the aerobic benefits of having done it 2x per week straight for as long as we did before the break. For those who think it’s not a workout and just some silly toy, I assure you, it’s a full body workout. I move every day. On a slow day, just doing my daily chores, I’ll put in 3 miles. On a busy one, if Jay and I add an official walk, I can do more than 7. Most days I average around 5. Hooping is so different and I was worn out after our one hour class. It was fun though and I was so happy to be back! Thanks Dawn for NOT taking it easy on us. Everyone is so thoughtful too. Pam made this for everyone in the circle. Back at you, Pam. You challenge us all by being a part of this special circle.So what’s up for today? I am accompanying a friend to a doctor appointment and then getting back to catching up. Phone calls, sampling, putting things in order. It’s time for all of the tax prep stuff and that’s not my favorite thing, but it’s necessary. I should sit and hand write notes to friends, too. I haven’t done that forever and I got one yesterday. It was really special.

It’s time for me to share this old arm chair with Connor and Jay requested something special for breakfast and likes how I make it. How can I refuse those two?

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. Stay warm by bundling up and get some fresh air.

Have a blessed day!