Daily Reflections From My Window

January 5, 2022 Wednesday What Brain Games Work?


“I do mental exercises. I don’t have any trouble memorizing lines because of the crossword puzzles I do every day to keep my mind a little limber.”

Betty White

I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy in the evening when we’re home and am amazed at how hard the questions and puzzles are. I used to do crossword puzzles long ago too. Could it be that they are those types of brain exercises that the more you do them, the quicker your brain becomes? I’ll let you know. There is a contestant on Jeopardy who has won over a million dollars so far and the scope of her knowledge astounds me. It proves that you can’t have a one track knowledge base on life. It pays to know a little bit about everything and be well rounded. She’s able to answer questions about popular current topics, science, music, animals, cooking, or just about anything. You can tell when the contestants aren’t crazy about a subject, or feel it’s in their wheelhouse by what they do on their turn to choose. Then on Wheel of Fortune, the subjects are getting harder to even figure out what type of puzzle you’re solving. I remember watching years ago and it would say “Food” and the answer would be “Pepperoni Pizza” and the audience would be thrilled. Now it might say “Before and After” and every word has to “start with the same letter and end with the same word” or something that puts your brain into overdrive. It’s not for old people anymore, just those who want to stay a little coherent into our older years. I’ve been having challenges with my memory, and maybe this will help.

Gosh the sky was amazing today. The photo above was taken at about 7:20 AM and the one below was what my app said the actual sunrise time was at 7:38. I prefer the pre sunrise sky. What about you? The temperature was still cold and the weather stick was looking promising, in that it was pointing up at the tip. I have to say that I’m looking forward to this winter being over and it hasn’t even started.

When we got this new window, I never realized that my view of my view would change. I was amazed at how clean the glass was and how much more incredible everything looked. The guy who put it in said, “enjoy it now because it will never be this clean again.” He may be right, but I am still amazed every morning and love to share it with you.

Imagine my surprise when I got this message from my neighbor , Julie Leckey, who is a teacher (5th grade I think?).

“Your ears must’ve been burning today as I was talking to my class about you. We were studying weather and we pulled up your blog. We looked at your different window scenes from this week and A few dates in the past.

We learned about keeping a Weather journal and I told the kids if they use their phones and take a picture at the same time every day of the same scene they could look how it changed. We looked at your May 31 post in the leaves are green and beautiful and I just can’t wait for summer to come. We’ve had such a mild winter huh? Well we can talk later take care have a good evening.”

Thanks Mrs. Leckey and class! I hope it inspires you to look at your own views. Pay attention to the shadows, the colors of the sky, the patterns of the clouds, if there are any. It’s truly different every day, just like each one of you. You are all different and can be different every day. It’s a blessing. Here’s how the sky looked yesterday afternoon. It was so beautiful and sunny. What’s up for you today? I’m headed for acupuncture after I tend my livestock. They seem to keep things steady despite weather changes. Last night we had a long overdue dinner with friends and it was wonderful. It was a welcome break of being with those who matter and away from the chaos of the drama that our world seems to have become. We laughed, caught up with what was going on with our families and kids and just enjoyed each others company. A lot of nothing that added up to a full heart right here. It was part of the puzzle that had been missing. “Pat, I’ll take an “F” please? I’d like to solve the puzzle. Is it “Friendship and Family”? That’s the answer.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Maybe it’ll be a crossword puzzle or word search. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!