Daily Reflections From My Window

December 31, 2021 Friday New Years Eve


“Children make your life important.”

Erma BombeckHappy New Years Eve to all. I was up last night tossing and turning and despite getting up a little early, am still trying to assemble my thoughts.

We had a wonderful day yesterday, reconnecting with friends, family and sharing thoughts about the future and past. The main consensus? I, as a person, need to forget the past and move on. In some cases, my memory is like an elephant. In some, I’m totally a Dory. I wish there was a Dorephant. THAT’S my 2022 goal.

This morning, the sky is unbelievable! Forgive me for going off track here but wow!!! Is my phone capturing this? It’s just unbelievable! I think God is making Himself known this AM. Sorry about the sound coming from the tv. The market is open today.

Then this appeared. And this.

Back to my topic. Our dear friends, Tammy and Brian Brady called out of the blue and said that they were in town and wanted to stop by for a visit. Of course! What a wonderful surprise! We were backyard neighbors when we lived in our last house and before they moved out of town. We keep in touch, are still involved in each other’s lives and vacation occasionally together. They are great friends. Our two boys were inseparable as tots and their son was about 11 months older than ours and was the best buddy a kid could have. Oh the stories we laugh about with love about their hijinks and the things kids do. Those boys were kids who played outside, with one of their favorite activities being sitting in the backyard, with garden trowels, discussing deep topics while “digging a hole to China”. Their words for the activity! What discussions they must have covered as preschoolers. It was priceless. Then, we’d hear Brian call, “B.J.!” and the trowel would drop and the little guy would say “Bye Jack!” head down the small incline from our yard, into the tiny gully that separates our yards, where he would invariably trip and fall, and run up the hill to dinner. Every time. Like clockwork. I loved those days. The simplicity of childhood was wonderful. I miss them and Tammy’s creativity and can-do attitude and Brian’s practical sense about things. She was Martha Stewart before Martha! I really miss them! That got me thinking about what is so special about when your kids are young if you are lucky and can take them for walks in the neighborhood. You SEE things through their eyes at their level-not zipping by in a car. Yesterday and the day before, I had to go to the plaza and instead of just getting what I needed and getting in my car and driving home, I walked around the plaza like I used to when we lived closer. Lots of empty storefronts, not like then. It used to be bustling when they were kiddos. Here’s what they may have seen. A weed growing despite no water or food at the old Bilo, now empty. A cactus plant cultivated in the landscaping along the path by the Ameriserve drive thru. I would not have seen either if I was in a car. Only by foot. It was a good walk and there was more to see. What would those little ones have seen? Later in the day we got an email from some other old friends, telling us how they had Covid and had to cancel a long awaited planned for trip out of the country. We called them and it was so nice to talk and hear their voices. They sounded good but were disappointed to have had to have canceled the trip. They had been so careful too. We’re looking forward to seeing them when we can. Leila Lou sighed, “How do people get through this world without faith? It’s all up to Him.” So true and that’s why we love them both. It goes without saying that we’re on the same page there.

Well, this is getting too long and you need to go. Busy day today. We have a big day ahead and I’ll fill you in later.

I wanted to end 2021 with a funny quote and was searching for something from some of my favorite comedians. One of my favorites is Erma Bombeck who I guess is technically a satirist. She was funny and fresh for her day. This one is a little serious, but so true. Kids do make your life worthwhile. I hope this younger generation and every generation can see how they enrich our lives and communities in all ways and are not an ego project for narcissists.

I hope your New Years celebration is safe and meaningful.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!