Daily Reflections From My Window

December 18, 2021 Saturday Day 18 Advent


“There is need of brevity, that the thought may run on.”


Here’s a nativity we got in our travels. I think it was on a mission trip with our church to Guatemala. It’s so sweet and perfect. We add a King to the Fabric Calendar.

The church calendar brings the feeling. Jay’s watching about how much the Queen misses Prince Philip and has canceled all public events and will be under wraps for the season. The world is changing for sure.

We were going to get our tree today-I know, we’re really behind this year. The weathers so crappy that I called around and found one at the Westwood Garden Haven and they are saving their last cut trees for us. Thank you Christa!

The alpacas are drenched and I’ll be out to check on them and clean the magic carpet soon.

I wanted to be brief and I think I was? In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!