Daily Reflections From My Window

December 10, 2021 Friday, Advent Day 10


“Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.”

-Clarence, the Angel in a book inscription to George Bailey in “It’s A Wonderful Life”Isn’t that the truth, and you’ll never know where you’ll meet them. My hula hoop group is such a wonderful and varied group of ladies, led by our instructor Dawn and infused with each of our quirky personalities in some way. Our free spirit, Barb, always welcomes us into her home for a get together or two a year. I love these gatherings, because I always learn something new about someone. Barb is such a free spirit and giving person and has had such a life full of adventure. She’s a wine expert and has traveled extensively. She’s much younger than the rest of us but must be one of those special people who feels very comfortable around us old folks. She’s an old soul. With an appreciation for great music from the 70s and old tv shows like “Midnight Special” and old VHS tapes! There’s nothing like dancing in synchrony like those old groups did, and the words to those songs compared to today’s music. No contest. I love her. She reminds us of great times. She’s telling one of her stories in this picture. (Lesley, I hope you don’t mind me borrowing a few of your photos.) Barb had these cute farm stickers for all of us. She picked this one out for me. I’ll put it on my drink bottle. She’s a sweetie.

Then there’s the food we all bring-right after Dawn works us to death at our hoop class doing one minute intervals. Look at her face. She knew what we’d be doing so she made us burn more calories tonight. Back to the food. Like pretzel jello salad. I couldn’t taste it, but the texture was so great! I can’t even describe it. You may have to join our hoop class and hope that Tammy makes it again. I don’t drink at all and 99% of all of the food was on my “do not eat” list, but I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I tried almost everything on the delicious buffet of goodies from the chocolate toffee to the chicken salad rolls. Yeah, I had to contribute healthy and brought watermelon and pomegranate seeds for good luck. There were lots of veg and other good things too. We have a great group of bakers and cooks.

Dawn had us play this fun game where there is a multi layered wrapped package with a note on each layer and it tells you what to do and one person wins the gift at the end. What fun, and not just because I won. How many times did we hear-“Be careful opening it. We can reuse the paper.” This is my tribe!

Here’s Tammy, opening the gift, passed to her by Pam. My gift-this cute gnome. Thanks Dawn and Barb and all for a fun night out. Now onto the Nativity. Yes, there was funky landscaping in Bethlehem and this string tree adds to the magic. Would this camper? The scale is about right. 😉The fabric animals are still coming. Today another lamb is added. The church calendar continues with the story. I think of Mary as pregnant, but this reminds me that SHE felt her pregnancy like the rest of us do. I don’t know why I never thought of Jesus as “in utero”, but he was like all of us. We all started there. In our mother’s wombs. He was made to be like us.

Time to get going. I have labels to sew on, projects to finish up and packages to mail. The weather forecast calls for more wind and rain over the next few days. I thought it was supposed to be nice?

The view so far.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!