Daily Reflections From My Window

December 6, 2021 Monday: Advent Day 6, I Overslept!


“What do you think I am, a dictionary?”

George Bailey when Zuzu asks him how to spell Hallelujah in “It’s a Wonderful Life”

She asked him how to spell another word too but I can’t remember what it was. No spellcheck back then and Dad’s were supposed to know everything, right? Those two words (the one I can’t remember and the one above) always make me pause. I can’t spell them either. Can anyone? Made me chuckle that even then, they were words to stumble over. I was so tired yesterday. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before, so I kind of dragged myself through yesterday. Today, I slept until 8:00. That’s unusual and hope I get back on track.

Anyone else having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit? It may seem like I am, but this year, I’m not feeling it. I love this time of year, too. Even though I’m really limiting my news intake, I think the world situation has a lot to do with it. I’m hoping that I’ll feel hope about how that’s all going. God’s in charge after all.

We had a visiting minister at church and even though he gave me something to think about, the service was a little different and seemed awkward. I can’t wait until normalcy, most of the congregation and the choir can return and masks can come off. Everything is muffled. The message was that after creation, God looked around and said “It is good”, even though he knew he gave us free will and we would misuse it because we are human. He still loves and forgives us simply because he loves us. We just have to listen. He related the story of going to a Cursillo weekend and sitting in a dark room. He saw himself and felt himself carrying a heavy burden up a hill. All of a sudden it was gone. God had taken it from him. All he needed to do was pray. That’s all we need to do. No strings attached. Pray and listen.

After stopping to see Bethany’s gingerbread house in Ligonier, at G Squared Gallery. They have two at their gallery. Hers is inside and there is a cute Hogwarts entry in the window.

It’s become our tradition to go to Eat’n Park for breakfast on Sunday., so I headed home. I like traditions and routine. Makes me feel secure. Like watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “The Ten Commandments” at Easter. I don’t mind watching the same movies again. It’s not boring at all. It’s tradition. It’s a given.

After breakfast we went to Home Depot because we needed furnace filters, light bulbs and I wanted to see if they had any solar Christmas decorations. They had some giant battery operated single yellow lightbulbs. I got 5. On the way home, we stopped for a latte at H. Wonder Coffee and Records to say hi to the kids. They were busy, but winding down.

I took a few more photos of the little houses in Central Park. This one makes me think of you, Denise. You pretty much have a Doll Hospital! When we got home, I put the big bulbs up. We can’t see them from the house, but it made me want to put up a few more. I’ll take pictures tonight if I do.

The alpacas needed attention so I coated Dovis since rain was on the way followed by snow and she gets cold. The others are fine. After that, I got all of the decorations out of the attic and then decided it was too late to start at 4:30. I wanted to go to Festival of the Nativity for the finale. Dinner was in the crockpot, I just needed to go back down and turn the lights on at our entrance to set the timers. Jay was out talking to a neighbor so I put the grand dog inside so I could drive down the driveway to turn on the timers. I was gone, maybe 10-15 minutes and when I got back, noticed the floor to the hallway was kind of sticky. I went into the kitchen and our sweet grand dog had taken the crockpot off the counter and eaten our dinner-a delicious sliced roast beef from DeLallo’s. On to clean up and choice two. I’m just glad he didn’t get hurt. Turns out that his Kong toy which has his food in it inadvertently had the tape covering the hole that the food comes out and the poor guy was hungry. It happens. Free will. We make mistakes. On to my moms quick hamburger pie. Can you tell he might have done something wrong? For once, I didn’t even yell at him. I forgot all about the Festival of the Nativity and ended up watching the History Cannel and the Toys That Built America. It was all about hula hoops, the Slinky, Silly Putty and the Frisbee. Really interesting stuff. Jay watched a western.

Today we have the fluffy little sheep in our Nativity. One with cotton and one without. I do have sheep’s wool. Perhaps I should add it. And our fabric Calendar. And the Church’s.

I better wrap this up because Jay, my best critique and critic will say it’s too long and he’s right. Just for the record, he’d be happy with just a wreath on the door so he doesn’t participate in outdoor light hanging. I had it so that the rope lights stayed hidden under the gutters and I just flipped a switch to turn them on and hung wreaths on every window but we had our house painted and the painters had to remove it all and I haven’t put them back up yet. Maybe I won’t. Just wreaths?

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!