Daily Reflections From My Window

December 3, 2021 Friday: Advent Day 3


“If you are still breathing maybe it is not such a bad day after all.”

Darren E. Laws

I’ve been feeling anxious lately and I don’t know why. I rarely watch the news anymore. I try to catch up on local and one other news program because I do like to be informed. I think I’m just taking in what’s happening in my friends’ lives. I have a tendency to do that. And then I crave crunch and chocolate-like M&Ms. For someone who can’t taste, it’s a weird phenomenon and apparently I’m getting back to myself. It’s happened the past 2 days.

I was here all day working and even though I’m used to working from home, I needed to get out, so at around 3:15, I packed my car with things to take to the PO, a few things to deliver, recycling, and my hoops and tennis shoes and headed out. I wanted to make a spicy carrot soup and needed 2 things-red peppers (I had green) and Oatly oat milk (for my cereal). After heading to the PO, downtown-I’d missed my favorite PO’s hours by a few minutes, I decided to go to Market Basket. I was halfway there after all. What a nice store! I haven’t been there for ages. I got my peppers and they didn’t have the oat milk I liked but that was OK. I grabbed a bag of M&Ms in the check out lane, which I haven’t done forever and my bill was $5.29. I had a $5 bill but not the 29 cents but that was OK because I had a $20 bill. The cashier gave me change and there was one penny. Could it be? You know my Godwinks. I uncharacteristically HAD to get out and HAD to go to Market Basket, I HAD to get change. But for that, I wouldn’t have gotten this. A Wheat penny. Thanks Pappy. I usually find one when I’m stressed and may not know it. My grandfather collected them on his walks and would give them to me. I find them at the strangest times and places, usually when I’m feeling stressed. It means that everything will be alright via my grandfather. I haven’t gotten one for at least a year? Maybe longer? Then off to the rest of my errands and hooping. I listened as best I could to a friend telling me of a situation in her life and found myself wondering if I should pass the penny on to her but decided not to. It felt selfish, but wouldn’t have the same meaning to her. She’ll have her own signs from God. If she looks.

When I returned from hooping, Jay surprised me with this nice fish dinner from T’nC’s in Dale. They make the best fish. He met some guys there after a meeting and it was so welcome. Does it seem like the days are really, really shorter than usual? And the sun takes forever to come up? That it’s dark at 4:30? The sky was so strange this morning at 6 when I got up. It’s taken a while for the sun to wake up too. Jay was up at 5:30. I think I was talking in my sleep again and woke him. The wind is picking up again and I think snow is in today’s forecast. Annnd we just lost our power. On to Day 3 of Advent. Here’s our calendar and I can’t remember where I got it. The insignia on the wood has even worn away. Here’s the church calendar’s version. Next up, Joseph. He’s dressed in a nice shade of camel velvet and is a little worse for the wear, but then, he had to do all of the heavy lifting. Maybe some day I’ll touch him up, but that would take his character away. So, maybe I won’t. That’s all I have today. Pray for each other. Someone is having a bad day and hopefully won’t let it spill over like the customer at TJMAXX the other day who was upset because her credit card wouldn’t go through and read the store associate the riot act. The frazzled employee asked her boss if she could take a minute and went outside to compose herself. Madison saw it and told me about it when we were on our way to the car. I’m glad I was unaware, but it really affected Madison seeing someone treated that way. She wanted to tell the employee that she was doing a good job and not to listen to that person. That is so unacceptable. No one should treat someone like that, bad day or not. Everyone is on edge lately. Take a breath and if you’re feeling that way, take a walk or stay home. Don’t take it out on others. Here’s my stress reducer. No one gets too worked up in this crowd.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!

Power’s still out so I hope you get this.