Daily Reflections From My Window

November 30, 2021 Tuesday: Roadkill-It’s What’s For Dinner


“‘ What’s this stuff? Some cereal? Supposed to be good for you. You try it? I’m not gonna try it-YOU try it. I’m not gonna try it YOU try it. Let’s get Mikey! Yeah! He won’t eat it, he hates everything! He likes it! Hey Mikey!’ When you bring ‘Life’ home, don’t tell the kids it’s one of those nutritious cereals you’ve been trying to get them to eat. You’re the only one who has to know.😉'”

LIFE cereal commercial (link to original)

Last night we ate our pheasant. It was quite good. My Mikey liked it. He really liked it! I prepared it by seasoning it with poultry seasoning and poaching it in broth Like in this video. Then I did a very quick broil to top it off. I cooked it just a bit too long, maybe by 5 minutes in the water, but it wasn’t bad for a first attempt. I served it with peas and pearl onions. We served it on his grandmother’s game plates. I love these plates. There are only five-each with a different depiction of a game bird. We chose “Grouse” because there isn’t a pheasant, to serve the cut bird on. It was perfect. Here he is taking a big bite!It was plenty for the two of us with some left over for lunch today. Here’s a comparison of the turkey wishbone from Thanksgiving compared to the pheasant’s. The tape is to give some scale. Jay was funny. He said, “Next time, you’ll have to pick up however many are on the road. Talk about FRESH!” We both agreed that we’d never eaten roadkill before and for me, this was my first time eating pheasant. It seemed a shame to waste it if it just stayed roadkill.

During our dinner, we got a call that the kids were on their way to a friend’s father in law’s viewing and a deer jumped out and they hit it. They were fine but the car was damaged but drive-able. No, I wasn’t ready to prepare that!

Earlier in the day, I had my PRP treatment on my knee. Though it’s painful for a few days, it sure beats surgery. This is the 4th installment. I have one more scheduled and that may be enough or I may need one after that. It will tell me. So what do you do while waiting? Knit of course! Attractive photo, isn’t it? I have shorts on and my knees are propped up on a bolster while the stuff sinks in. Later in the evening, I put up our Nativity set. It’s my family’s from when we were kids. More on that story tomorrow. It’s very special to me. Here’s a good morning from the herd. The snow doesn’t bother them at all. In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. It may be right around the corner. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!