Daily Reflections From My Window

November 28, 2021 First Sunday of Advent


“A family is a bunch of people who keep confusing you with someone you were as a kid.” Robert Brault

Isn’t that the truth. But it’s kind of nice. They’re the only ones who knew you then, and you knew them then, so we all get stuck there, especially if you don’t live nearby to be in each other’s lives as much. That’s OK. It’s what makes it work. Thanksgiving reminds me of that. I like to hear those old stories. Especially the ones of how my parents made Christmas so special for us. It was important to them that we believed in not only God, but in the magic of Santa Claus, which I tried to carry on. My sister reminded me of a few things they did for us and things I did for Jack. I think my Dad thought he WAS an elf. He’d go into his “workshop” around this time of year and we knew better than to disturb him. We all kind of set to making our own things for each other too. Not even knowing. We just did. Makes me chuckle when I hear the news about all of the people worrying about Christmas gifts and how they’ll afford it. They never talk about maybe making your own gifts. That would be too simple. It doesn’t have to mean anything elaborate. My Dad baked bread for the neighbors every year. Our neighbor, Mr. Barie made wine. Someone else made cookies. It must have been a simpler time.

The sun doesn’t come up for another 10 minutes but it keeps getting more spectacular by the minute. We’re so lucky to see it.

Yesterday I spent the day vending at the Bottle Works Arts on Third’s Small Business Saturday Artisan’s Market. It was great to get out and see people and though I made some sales, the traffic wasn’t great. There were so many events going on around town yesterday and it was so cold outside that I think people chose to shop in one place. Next year I know will be better. I got some quality knitting time in. This will be a pair of fingerless mittens with a convertible top for a friend. I’ll dye them after they are finished. I came home and continued last night. The yarn is from Ishtar-the very first alpaca we had. I love her yarn and only have a small amount left. She was great.

The displays needed to be flat to accommodate the art on the walls but I got a spot with a bare wall so I went up as much as I could. My alpaca looks like it has two heads or two hats. Sort of like that children’s book, “Hats for Sale”. I didn’t see it until I looked at this picture I took. Luckily someone bought the hat so he was back to one.

Today, after church, I think will be a good day to start decorating for Christmas. Have you started? What are your traditions? Do you do an Advent calendar? I have started to collect nativity sets and today a very special one will go up. I’ll show you tomorrow. Gosh, the wind hasn’t stopped and a few stray leaves flittered down through the snow. It was around 22* when I got up this morning and now, an hour later it’s about 26*. Another chilly one. If you are in town today, stop in to H. Wonder Coffee and Records for a delicious cup of coffee or hot chocolate along with one of their unique baked items. I hear the bacon chocolate chip is pretty amazing! They’re open 9-4 today.

There is only one alpaca braving the cold today yet. I’d be with the rest, snuggled up inside where the dry hay is. Here’s a last look at the Skye this morning. The sun decided to stay snuggled up too, I guess!

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!