Daily Reflections From My Window

November 22, 2021 Monday: The Day After the Day Without My Camera/Phone


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”


This will really be about nothing today. I realized that I was phoneless/cameraless yesterday and it wasn’t even intentional but it was so freeing. Normally Jay will say, “why are you taking a picture of that?” And yesterday he said a few times, “Did you get a picture?” It was funny, not to just take a picture, but I didn’t have my phone on me, so not a single new picture did I take until this morning. The day began with church. We go to St. Michael’s of the Valley in Rector and I can’t tell you what a beautiful little church in the woods it is, with the most talented Rector. He can explain the scripture like nobody’s business in terms I can understand. I actually take notes most weeks so that it is cemented into my brain. Like in yesterday’s sermon he explained how the Jews believed in one God while the Romans believed there was a god for every occasion. They couldn’t wrap their heads around that concept, but since Judaism predated the Romans, they allowed it. There was a lightening bolt for me about how amazing it is that now the Pope is in Rome, no? Father Simons was recapping how Jesus was before Pilate who asked him if he was King of the Jews, to which Jesus answered, do you believe it, or did you hear it from someone else, because if YOU believe that I’m king, that’s why I was born, to testify to the truth. He’s pretty much asking Pilate if he can handle the truth, like in the movie “A Few Good Men,” with the famous line, “You Can’t Handle the Truth!” Then he went on to explain that Pilate was on his third strike with the Roman Government and was between a rock and a hard place here, because he didn’t think Jesus had done anything wrong, and was angry that he was brought before him to make a decision. He even went on to say that Eastern religions, especially the Ethiopian Egyptian Christians believe that Pilate became a Christian and a Saint. It seems a strange Gospel leading up to Christmas. It all comes down to whether we can handle the truth and accept that that little baby born in a manger is our Savior. I always have.

Next back home where we visited our Eat’n Park for a late brunch and it was so nice to see it bustling. We got the Sunday buffet and I have to say that I could taste a few things. Not what I remembered, but something. I tried to stay within my guidelines, but something, could it be the potatoes (from the nightshade family), tripped me up. I had one of those crazy feelings later in the day. Just one and it didn’t last. Then I discovered when I got home and looked at my “foods to avoid” list that pineapple was there and I had that too. Could have been either. No more of either of them from now on.

There was time to squeeze in a few things and I did. We wanted to go back to the church at 4 for a special recital with our organist Marion’s nephew, Fabio Menchetti, an Assistant Professor of piano at Washington State University and active concert performer who was on a tour of the US. We were lucky to hear such a talented performer. I wish I’d studied piano as a child but that wasn’t available to us.

Next I’m working on a few things for Madison and H. Wonder Coffee and Records for the season. Coffee cup cozies and hats. I finished 3 hats and 2 cozies. Now to make the custom labels. This is just one of the cozies in it’s off the hook form-not finished. I have a template of a coffee cup that I put mine on. I have to dig it out.

Later I got the bug to trim my indoor plants. I’ve been meaning to do it since I brought them inside and last night was the time. They needed a severe trim so that they could rest and not waste energy trying to grow spindly offshoots. Here are some cuttings from my coleus. Looks nice as little arrangement on the counter. After trimming all of the mess, I found a few strawberries. We’ll see if they ripen. I’ve never tried this before. Here’s Taz, enjoying the morning. It’s supposed to be pretty windy today. It will blow the rest of the leaves off hopefully. In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!