Daily Reflections From My Window

November 16, 2021 Tuesday A New Attitude-Perhaps a New Fiber Strategy


“Advice is like snow – the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind.”

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

It snowed a little more last night but tomorrow it is supposed to be in the low 50s. Today will be another brisk day. With the wind yesterday, the alpacas didn’t even come outside until around 2 in the afternoon. I went out to tend them in the morning and they were nice and cozy inside. It’s not a huge shelter, but this weather must be too early for them too, and they stayed huddled inside. I like a slow gradual cooling off and so do they. Today they’re out and about and that’s a good sign for the day ahead.What went on in the world of nothing yesterday? I was re-examining the method to my process here. At first, it seemed important to me to use my own (and my friend’s) fibers in my products, have them spun and knitted by mills and people that I chose, dyed and partially and some spun and knitted by me, and things were good to go. But then I randomly met a friend of a friend the other day who shared that this friend just sent her fiber to a fiber pool and they paid her next to nothing and she bought products back at a wholesale price and had them to sell. That didn’t make any sense to me in the past, up until now. I might start doing that to relieve some of my backlog and expenses. I pay a lot to have this all spun, and made into product. I can keep some for hand spinning. I have to be more practical though. I can’t do it all. I’ll be thinking long and hard about this one for sure. Yesterday we had a lot going on and it was a good day. I think I turned a corner with how I’m feeling. I have a long to do list and things to follow up with today and that will help for sure. Yesterday afternoon we got to spend an hour with our young entrepreneurs and hear about how things are going with them. It’s always an uplift hearing about how they’ve managed to make their own way on their terms, doing what they love, right here in our home town. They’ve both traveled and lived far away (Madison born in a bigger city in another, warmer state!) and have decided that this is a great place in which to make a life. It is. Here’s my artsy photo of this city with beautiful Madison in the foreground. Here’s another view of the sky on our way home. The cloud formation was interesting. On to a change of subject. My doctor suggested that I do a detox regimen to get all of the toxins and stuff out of my system and it’s made me pretty cranky. That’s the corner I turned. My friend Barb gave me a call and gave me a stern talking to and changed my attitude. This regimen is pretty much fruit and vegetables (organic) for 9 days. Yesterday was day 8 and I had not added much imagination into the prep most of those days opting for raw fruit, plain salads and steamed vegetables. Once in a while, I’d spice things up but not often. It was pretty bland. Then yesterday, I kind of woke up thanks to Barb and started to add some other things. I know, this makes no sense, but it helped. I felt better. A lot. Thank goodness this strict part ends tomorrow and I can begin to reintroduce other foods back in after that. I was also supposed to take hot baths in mineral salts every night before bed which I did about half the nights. I’m not a bath taker (I like showers) and though it felt wonderful, most nights I was just so tired I went to sleep without thinking about it. I need to make sure I do that tonight. And the next few nights. Do you take baths or showers? I should take a poll sometime.

Last night when I was cleaning up the kitchen, I needed something in our closet (the one I’ve been meaning to clean out and reorganize forever in our kitchen) and accidentally knocked a full, unopened bottle of Colony Sauce (a sauce used in an iconic Pgh restaurant and sort of like soy sauce) off a shelf. Yes, it fell hard and the bottle broke and at 7:30 last night was washing the floor, having Jay help me move shelving and making a total mess. But today the floor looks good and I’ll get back to cleaning and reorganization today. That broken bottle sparked something. A cluttered counter with everything that either needs to be placed back in the closet or disposed of is a real motivation. I’ve been meaning to get to it forever and I guess today’s the day. There’s your heaping dose of nothing today! Time to get to the tasks at hand. My wish for you is that you woke up like I did feeling great and with a new attitude. I’m also not going to be as tied to my phone or taking as many photos. I’ll get back to you if you text. Answering calls I can do. Technology is a blessing and a curse, is it not?

Hooping night is tonight. You should join me sometime. Tuesday and Thursday night at the Grove in Westmont from 6-7 sharp. Dawn always makes it fun and a real workout.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before-maybe hooping? Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!