Daily Reflections From My Window

October 31, 2021 Sunday: Halloween


“You don’t HAVE to do this. You GET to do this”

Jen Mock (speaking to her kids as they grumbled about getting into cold water for swim practice.)

I was thinking this morning (after oversleeping!) that I really don’t have time today to write something. But here you go, because I GET to! I don’t HAVE to.

It’s another rainy day and the leaves are still on the trees. Let’s hope they fall soon. I hear snow and cold are in the forecast for next week.

I hope the rain stops too for the trick or treaters. We don’t get any here off the grid but perhaps we can take our Halloween Candy to a friends and pass it out there. I’ve shared my wonderful memories off past Halloweens with you before.

Yesterday I GOT to get out of the house and went to Tractor Supply in Ebensburg for alpaca food. It did me good. I even went to Walmart! The leaves everywhere were amazing and the sky? Incredible!

Today I GET to go to church, so I’d better get in my way.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift.

Have a blessed day!