Daily Reflections From My Window

October 30, 2021 Saturday: Celebrating a Friend


“I often wonder why I’m here and it occurred to me that I’m here for other people. That’s my purpose.”

Richard Burkert

The words above were from my friend Richard spoken at his surprise 70th birthday party. They aren’t verbatim, but close enough. Richard has a rare polycystic kidney disease or PKD for short. It’s hereditary and he lost his grandfather and father to it, is the only one of his 3 siblings to inherit it and has passed the gene to his sweet daughter and my friend Lauren. Will her children have it? Too soon to tell. The good news is that with each generation comes great medical advancements and hope! The fact that he’s 70 is that proof. His dad lived to be 43 and his grandfather, less than that. Lauren explained that her Dad’s kidney, through a transplant is functioning better than it ever has and is just like anyone else’s. Here he is talking about his surprise at us all being there and his daughter pulling this off. She did a great job! And then the speeches started. I knew Richard from church. To me, he was the serious church guy and head of the Johnstown Area Heritage Association. Steeped in history but a great cook! He also introduced me to my first pug with his pug Stella. OK, maybe they WERE real dogs. So we got 2 because of Stella. I also got to know his daughter Lauren and her family. She’s a special person to me. She always will be. This is about Richard though!

When the speeches started, we heard about a side of him that I never knew! Lover of Halloween parties and crazy costumes, Woodstock participant, wicked sense of humor and more. Definitely NOT the Richard I knew! Thank goodness he’s only 70. We have time to get to know that guy.

He did pose a pretty amazing question though. Why ARE any of us here? I always feel better and more productive when I’m doing for others instead of focused on my own tiny world. Don’t you? I’ve got to get back to that. Yesterday we had oil delivered. Thank goodness, because it’s getting cold and the price is only going up. Thank you Dave at Thornton Oil! I also spent a lot of time sorting through emails and I subbing to many and deleting. I’d hate to be be sending you too many emails. Do I need to cut down? Offer a once a week option if that’s possible? This is the least amount of emails I’ve had in my inbox ever. Today, it’s about more sock labels. Soon I’ll finish and can focus on other things and pursuits. I know that you need those socks for gifts and Christmas. They are entirely made in Pa and from Pa grown alpaca fiber. I guess that’s helping my fellow spinners and knitters. They are in Pa for this batch. I’ve got to photograph them and upload the available sizes and colors to my site. It’s coming, it just takes a lot of time. That’s what’s on my agenda today. Oh, and cleaning either the basement or garage. That’s a necessity right now. Not sure if it’s supposed to rain again. Sun’s coming up! Gotta snap my picture! 7:37 AM and the sky is getting light. When does the time change again? And just a few minutes later!

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!