Daily Reflections From My Window

October 27, Wednesday: More Sock Ruminations


“Emotions of any kind can be evoked by melody and rhythm; therefore music has the power to form character.”


I love to sing. When I’m driving alone, in the car. It brings me back to the days when I was growing up and my sisters, brother and I WERE the Beatles. I think I was always Ringo, probably because I really can’t carry a tune, but they needed the drummer. We didn’t even have instruments. The couch was the stage and I remember sitting up on the back of it and pretending to play imaginary drums with sticks that were supposed to be drumsticks. Everyone else mastered the air guitars and of course our vocalists sang into mixer beaters as microphones. My poor parents! But we DID have imaginations. My Mom loved it. She was the fun one for sure! She got wind that the Beatles were in Pgh and drove my sister Janey around to get a glimpse. I think that’s how the story went and I think they did catch a glimpse. We went through every phase. We watched the Olympics like we were competing. I WAS Olga Korbut except with no skills. Then along came dancing. Any movie, we’d dance along. With two left feet. Oh sure, I’m sure I missed my career as a star, but in my mind, as a kid, it was a blast. I wonder if kids can enjoy that anymore. With parents funneling them into dance, gymnastics, sports and more with the first glimmer of talent, who wants to be responsible for not nurturing the next Eddie Mercury? I guess I should be thankful that my parents couldn’t afford music or any lessons for us. The world thanks them!

(I was at a red light when I recorded this!)

What made me think of this? The other day when I was on my way to have my PRP, I turned off the news and turned on “70’s on 7”. I’m making an effort to step away from the disaster and limit my exposure to the mess. I’m so glad I did because it’s an hours drive there and the music was awesome! They just kept coming too!

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

“Off the Wall” by Michael Jackson

“Ramblin Man”

Linda Ronstadt. “It’s so easy to fall in love”

Hall and Oats (I forget which song, but a few good ones!)

“Workin’ my way back to you girl” by the Spinners

All of these weddings and the fun dancing and my knee feeling better have me bopping around more. Not to mention having my two favorite musicians back in town.

What does this have to do with socks? I spent all day yesterday sorting through these socks, counting, recounting, washing, labeling, you get it. I had to think so I couldn’t just turn on the tunes snd go on auto. I had to do math and after doing the math every which way to make sure that my prices were in line, finally cane up with a final. I already had the price per pair from the knitters, but the spinner pricing was trickier because each style of the socks uses a different amount of yarn. That required figuring the cost per ounce and how much each used. I think I needed my math friend, Carol for this!

Now to take photos, list them and get things moving. Christmas gift buying has already started I’m afraid. I have 2 more batches coming from 2 different sources. I’m pretty sure that my prices will be in line.

Here’s a view of the current situation.

So, as soon as I get them up properly, you’ll get the link. If you live local, you can email me without going through the site. That saves us each the fee.

I hope the rain stops soon. I want to get my herd check done early and get dry. I know that I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy the 99Walks App that I use. I just found out that they are planning a cruise for pack members. You must be a member to get the great benefits and pricing. Believe me, Joyce and Eric and the team make it a blast. They did with every MacKid Meetup. Grab my link Here to try it out and at least if you decide to cruise, you’ll be ready! Here’s a link to the cruise info.

*If you join, I receive a small stipend. Not for the cruise, but for joining the app.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!