Daily Reflections From My Window

October 26, 2021. Tuesday: Back to Socks


“Nature does nothing in vain.”


You know that this view makes my day. Even on a rainy day like today. All day, it’s supposed to rain. But look at how beautiful it is! Even with the wind! I’ll add that near the end. Here it is in just a still photo. The leaves are still hanging on stubbornly. There must be a reason. Look at the beautiful carpet of leaves on our driveway. The colors are really amazing. Today will be a sloppy day outside with the alpacas. There is always one outside. I’d be with the rest inside!

So, yesterday, I had my second to last PRP on my knee. It’s a process where they remove your blood, spin out the growth part and then inject it in the body part that needs help along with some ozone and dextrose, in my case, my knee. I must have injured it along the way somewhere-maybe skiing, or something, but boy, it was painful. After the first two treatments, I was dancing up a storm at all of the weddings we’ve been to and it felt great. They always ask what percentage of improvement I feel. I say 75 because if I tweak it the wrong way, it feels like the old knee, but not for long. That’s great. I only have one more and though the procedure is painful, it lasts a very short time, and it’s better than surgery. Right now, my knee is swollen, but I haven’t had to put ice or heat on. It’s not bad at all. It will lead to long term healing because the growth and improvement will continue over time. It’s pretty amazing. The swelling is good. Today, it’s back to socks. I started again last night with finalizing my labels and starting to add the labels to the socks. I decided for now, to get them labeled and listed because as my friend said, she needs them and it’s getting cold! I’ll figure out how to add the logo to the sock itself as time goes on. Just washing, pressing, folding and labeling the socks themselves is quite a job. This picture ^ is of the short style which comes just above the ankle in a lightweight (all purpose) in size small. Here’s that chart. This is where you’ll find me today. Labeling socks. This is just the start! I have 2 more sizes, another weight of each and 2 more styles. I forget how many total. That’s for tomorrow! Someday I’ll get more efficient but for now, it’s how I roll. I had a completely different post planned, but maybe that will be for tomorrow. In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!