Daily Reflections From My Window

October 21, 2021 Thursday: Pug? Or No Pug? That is the question.


“Is it a bones or no bones day?”

Noodles, the pug

If you’ve known us for a while, you know that we used to be owned for many years by Minnie, and Zeus, the sibling pugs. We cared for them until about 3 years ago until first, our Minnie passed on at the ripe old age of 13 and Zeus followed at 15. Minnie definitely had bones, and Zeus was a lot like our friend Noodles, here in the segment on the Today Show. I stopped watching the Today Show regularly a few years ago and only turn it on occasionally. We’ve been exploring the possibility of perhaps getting another pug someday. Could this have been one of those Godwinks I’m always telling you about? I turned it on JUST as this segment was being introduced. Not a minute before. Of course, I had to watch. I even videoed it but it’s too long to share as a video so I have to use the link.

Here is the link to Noodles on the Today Show.

My next thought was that after this segment, the pug breeders will be cranking pugs out and then there will be many rescues available. You have to be a special person to be owned by a pug. On a good day, they have special needs. Not everyone is up for that task. Time will tell. Here are ours!Yesterday sure was busy. We’ve been having our house painted by the experts at Mina Painting. Here’s owner Scott. We have a lot of house to paint and he and his crew (Freddy, Irene and ?) did a fabulous job for a very fair price and snuck the job in while the weather was still nice. It looks so clean and fresh now! Now to keep it that way and finally clean all of the windows. Lots of thumbs up for Mina Painting if you need a great painting team.

The cathouse is becoming a music studio and I LOVE this!! Things are happening here!

My Dad, a tinkerer and builder of circuit boards and the ever famous dulcimer had to be smiling down from Heaven as he watched his grandson tinker, solder and build just like he did. I can’t wait to see the finished product. It was exciting watching the process yesterday. I really like how he has decided to make this his work space apart from his home in which to work. Now how much rent to charge?

Here’s the dulcimer my Dad built. He also built me a guitar and a banjo. Keep in mind that I never learned to play anything. We didn’t have the means for music lessons and it wasn’t taught in school. He just loved to build! In between the painters, the cat house excitement and trying to get back to work ourselves, Jay had a meeting, Conner had a tick and I had a dye pot that didn’t work and I had to start over. I had an order for pumpkin orange, Christmas Red and Christmas Green (not that I have dyes labeled as such). I wasn’t happy with the last two so redid them. The orange turned out great but I had to re card it and diz it off the carder. Today the red and green will be rinsed and dried and then mailed tomorrow. Here you go. I love when it looks like an ice cream dollop.

I better get going. I overslept today. Catching up is hard to do! I missed my buddy Tucker and watched last night as he went one by one through our current President’s failures. That border. All of the drugs and human trafficking happening is a real disaster. I had a whole post ready to go with my opinion on that situation. So many I know and love have been affected by that. Good people. Successful people who actually contribute to society in a positive way. Our wonderful little town here and so many others across the country just like it, by the need for a pill that was designed for cancer patients in their end stages of life to alleviate that unendurable pain, which became the go-to for anyone with a toothache to a broken bone. All it takes is that one pill and your life changes forever. Now, that one little pill is flooding in at that southern border disguised as others. So many people I know have no qualms about taking opiates, tranquilizers and sedatives, thanks to doctors who handed them out like candy. But now, that pill has changed to be deadly Fentanyl disguised to look like those “trusted” other pills. I’m not a pill taker, but know many who think nothing of it. Please be careful and think twice. That wasn’t my post, but it was the gist. I’d have added that what happened to pride in ownership and the dignity of work? Why can’t anyone get employees? How ’bout those gas prices? I’ll let you go. I could go on and on and if I do, I’ll get all wound up.

The musician has just arrived for a full days work. I’m still in my pjs. The joy of working from home. I’m thinking that it was probably a good idea that I dyed more fiber than just this order yesterday. I think today I’ll dye some more seasonal colors. I’m so blessed that I’ve always been able to make my passion my “job”. First as a dressmaker and now as a dyer. I love touch and texture. Life is so good and God has been so wonderful to me. It all comes from Him.

Here are the only sedatives I need! Really, if you are ever stressed out, sit and watch an alpaca for a while. You’ll relax in no time. Or, pet a pug. Those rolls are something else. Like dough. You could knead a pug all day. Maybe we DO need a pug! I’m looking forward to hooping tonight. It’s been a week!

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before (maybe hooping with me). Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!