Daily Reflections From My Window

October 14, 2021, Thursday: Socks?


“Everyone needs help from everyone.”

Bertolt Brecht

I love purple. I must have been born a little old lady because I’ve always loved purple. I haven’t always embraced it though. Imagine my surprise about 10 years ago when I suggested to Jay that we paint the man door of our garage, the cat house door, and our front door, purple. He reluctantly agreed and it looks so good with the grey paint, white trim and black shutters.

We’re having our house painted right now and it never occurred to me that we wouldn’t repaint it purple. Yesterday my plans were… well I went over that yesterday, right? Jay was talking to the painter and then said to me that maybe we should paint it black. Too Queen Victoria since we have lots of black trim that looks fantastic. I quickly went on a scavenger hunt for that purple can. That led to cleaning up the garage a bit, moving the bee equipment from the cat house to the garage, rearranging the existing paint cans, relocating the summer outdoor toys-you get the picture. One thing leads to another. No purple paint can. Surely they had a record of it somewhere at one of the paint stores we use. I was just about to call when I went into the cat house and moved one box. I thought, “I’ll gather up all of the recycling and drop them off while I’m kind of cleaning,” and there was that paint can! No label, no numbers, but the paint color on the side. They could match it. Then just as if on cue, the Boss arrived to pick it up. He was happy. He liked the purple.

Then Heuston came to finish up removing the structure in our front view. Of course, Jay was helping. On I went chiropractor, to the recycling center, to Stuvers to drop off used plant containers, to Lowe’s, and a few other places. I got home at about 4 and still had some dyeing to do.

Someone from Fort Days wanted some roving in colors and I wanted to get that done. I can get it in the mail today along with a few other things.

Do you ever notice that once things get rolling, they keep moving? Today, Lou is coming to deliver hay. He’s been so busy trying to keep up with the demand and weather.

They’ll appreciate seeing his truck, as will I.

I better get going. It’s another busy, busy day ahead and I have the help of a lot of people to accomplish what I need to. No sock pictures yet though. I never got a chance to unload the boxes and check them out. Maybe today! Here’s a little bit of purple monkshood that we have around the house. I do love purple and am grateful that Jay is starting to too!

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!