Daily Reflections From My Window

October 12, 2021, Tuesday: a Day of Errands


“Courage is freedom, and freedom is joy. Be fully who you are, letting the world get used to you — it will! Find a loving community of friends who support your ever-flowering growth, which is a lifetime proposition.”

Doris “Granny D” Haddock

I hope I never stop growing and learning new things and building my community. It keeps me going. I need to be a part of a community. It’s invigorating and inspires more ideas and creativity.

What did all of that inspiration this weekend inspire me to do yesterday? Clean my house and do about 10 loads of laundry! After tending my herd and cleaning up after a weekend away from them, with scooping 5 bucket loads of errant manure (Jay will feed but isn’t a big fan of poop scooping, and that’s fine), I started to put things away inside the house and it took off from there. This house has been a real disaster with getting ready for shows and I only got to part of it yesterday because it’s been a while since I did a deep cleaning. I haven’t had the time to do it. I only got our bedroom and bathroom completely clean, with washing bed linens, vacuuming and dusting behind every piece of furniture, tops of things, lampshades corners and lots of stink bugs vacuumed out of the curtains. My poor vacuum cleaner. I emptied it multiple times and had to clean the brush thing a few times too. I’m telling you-it’s been a while! All I need to do in there is drawers and closets, but I wanted to at least vacuum and dust the rest of the house and I did. That felt good and the closets can wait for another day.That took all day with the laundry believe it or not. I still have a load of kitchen towels to fold. So what does this have to do with anything? There is something for me that is so gratifying about cleaning. When I put things away and in their place, it rests my mind. I can think again. It clears the way for creativity. I still have my studio and all of my show supplies to sort through and inventory, and that will begin today after I tend my herd and do a few errands, one of which is heading to my doc’s office to pick up a bunch of my supplements that got lost in the mail. I ordered them a week ago and when I called yesterday to see where they were. After researching, they found that they had gotten lost in the mail. That’s happening more and more lately with many things. Our wonderful mailman of many years might be sick again. This happened once before and they couldn’t find anyone else to work his route. It was catch as catch can here. He was so mad when he came back. It is his route and reputation on the line. We love him! I hope he’s OK! Instead of waiting for the doc’s office to send another package, I’ll just drive an hour to get it myself. What a pain.As I was cleaning up the inside, Jay was cleaning up and cutting the outside. I think it was another crazy day in the market and he needed to breathe. China is on the verge of collapse. Did you know that? Did you realize that the CCP runs the show there? They don’t care about their people? The CCP will have all of the heating fuel, energy and goods that they need while the Chinese citizen suffers. Communism is not the way to go anywhere in the world. Especially not here. Please vote these crazy people out who are thinking it would be. We STILL have that ability. This is the USA. Are you seeing more empty shelves around? Less of what you need? I think it’s good and bad. We DO have too much and have become used to not waiting and just being able to pick up what we need when we need it, right? Jay and I were talking about this last night and he reminded me that what our country is going through is nothing compared to what it went through after the Civil War, or depression, or anything else, but that we better buckle down because gas and energy prices are going even higher thanks to not having energy independence anymore and having all of these supply chain issues since we barely make anything here-which doesn’t make any sense to me. Here’s something I wanted to add. Have you heard about China trying to take over Taiwan? Well, Taiwan makes a lot of our semiconductors and computer chips. How many do we make? 0. Zero. None. Despite having a “Silicon Valley” we make none. It’s interesting the things I remember and I remember this because my wonderful childhood friend Sharon, was married to a sweet Taiwanese man who taught at The U of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He looked at her beautiful long fingers as we were sitting around their dining room table one day and remarked how good she would be at assembling computer chips because she had long tapered fingers like the Japanese women who did it. I never forgot that. That made a connection in my brain about another thing that wasn’t made here. Even way back when. If China does indeed succeed, there goes your computer, phone, car…anything else that takes a chip. My niece Skye has the right idea. She has a very basic but super reliable car with hand crank windows because she wants it. She better hang on to it.

Windmills and solar sound great but are they reliable. How DO you charge an electric car? Don’t you need fossil fuel to build the battery to begin with? Just some thoughts. I’m pretty sure that my vacuum cleaner needed to be plugged in yesterday to have enough power combat those dust bunnies! Food prices will also be higher. Buy local if you can from your neighborhood farmer. All we can do is to Fully Rely On God, right? Out here, I’ll use good old human power to scoop those piles and haul the hay to my workers. It’s another busy day for the herd. Growing fiber and creating more compost.

This went way off track today! Sorry! Tomorrow I will share more creative thoughts and pictures and maybe even some from some sweet visitors we are having later this afternoon. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, do something you’ve never done before. Find your passion and explore it. Every single day is a gift. I’m off to tend my passion.

Have a blessed day!