Daily Reflections From My Window

September 21, 2021 Tuesday. Get Thee to Work!


“There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter what happens today, the Sun will rise again tomorrow.”

Aaron Lauritsen

I just looked at my watch and it’s already 7:32 AM and I’ve only gotten 21 steps in so far. On September 21, 2021. I think that must be the distance from my soft seating thinking chair to the coffee pot. I put my Fitbit on after I sat down to read. Fascinating isn’t it?

Those numbers are in my head because yesterday, after having my thermography session, wearing my Sierra Tank Dress, I stopped at the Joann Fabrics store in Greensburg to look for numbers to add “2021” to my alpaca felted ornaments. I didn’t find any more there like what I’m using. Below is a photo of what I’m using now. They still need a hanger and I have a plan for that. I’ve got a small herd almost complete. If I run out, because, of course, the bag came with numbers 0-9 and not only the 0,1,and 2 that I needed, I do have a plan B. I don’t want to embroider the numbers on, or write them on with any one of the interesting choices that are available now. No glitter pens for me. They have to be hand sewn if I can. One thing that caught my eye was a metal stamper. Stay tuned.

Jay, and my friends from last week say that they take too much time and can’t understand why I do the extra outline stitching and the details. I’ll know when it’s finished, I tell them and then it won’t take so long. Creativity takes time. I don’t want them to look like everyone else’s. Then I have to figure out how to add my logo. That’s later today. Jay DID come up with the idea of adding the date. I like when we bounce ideas around. Makes us both think outside the box. With all the crazy news out of China, what was the market down yesterday? 700 points, or was it 900? What’s in store for the future? Seems like everything is in a shambles lately. No word yet today on how things are going.

The one good thing that will come out of this mess will be that maybe we’ll really learn to recycle and reuse. I try but know I can do better. There might not be much available from which to choose. Save your foil. Aluminum is going up. Lumber? That’s why we’re using what we have to make what we need lately. Especially in the alpaca area. That’s why I want my little ornaments to stand out. I appreciate those who part with their money to buy one. It’s a memento. Hand crafted.

Gosh, yesterday morning, I got up, started off the week fresh and ready to go. I had the time I needed and it was absolutely quiet to read, reflect and write. I got my post done, hit publish, and nothing. I kept getting a message that my post failed to upload. First I let it take its time because I had links to the things I mentioned and a few pictures. I’ve never had problems in the past-it’s a platform for which I pay. Even videos go through. But yesterday it hung. So I took screenshots of the videos, removed every link, every moving part and tried again. And again. Finally 4 hours later it went through. All of a sudden, I had no time and needed to get on the road for my appointment.

Maybe it was everyone monitoring the market. Today I have a lot of catching up to do. As usual. I have to say that when I got to Joann Fabrics, it was a pleasant surprise how many people were shopping there and how helpful the staff was. I stayed way too long, but it was so nice to just look around and see what people are doing and working on. What’s “In” and what’s “Out” in the world of creativity. How making something from nothing is such a part of us. Hands on. I just breathed in the creativity. It was nice.

I depend way too much on electronics. If I had to write this by hand and mail it to you, it would never happen. My friend Edyce, has that gift. She’s old school and despite her grief, has taken the time to hand write thank you notes. She’s creative yet diligent in that way and always has been. One day I’ll tell you about the confetti.

But really, what would we do if the power went down? I guess I’d be ok. I have yarn, needles, a lot of fiber supplies and tools. I can see by hand and actually did make a living with those skills at one time. Would you be OK?

Here’s a look at the Harvest Moon last night. Pretty amazing sight the last few nights. Off to work I go. First to my living fiber herd, then to my felted fiber herd. Lots to do today. I hear the weather’s changing later today. In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!