Daily Reflections From My Window

September 3, 2021 Friday Sunshine and Alpaca Projects


“Once you label me you negate me.”

Soren Kierkegaard

I’m just leaving this quote here for you to think about. Ever since the philosopher son started to delve deeper, and graduate from the New School in NYC with a degree in Philosophy with honors no less, Kierkegaard has been my go to voice of reason. Jack gave me the book “The Lily of the Field and The Bird of the Air” and this philosopher is a favorite resource. It’s a must read. He explores the Sermon on the Mount. It’s 90 easy to read (for philosophers-not me!) pages. Jack said, “Mom! I read it in about an hour and a half! You can do it.” Took me about 6 months and a lot of rereading parts several times, but I did it. There’s a lot to think about in this little book by a Danish philosopher who lived so long ago (1800s) that is so relevant today. I didn’t put any links to it because if you’d like your own copy, I recommend getting it or ordering it through a local book store. They still exist.

So what put me on this track? I was looking for a quote to put in my morning view and it took me on a journey of other thoughts. When in doubt, I pull Kierkegaard out. He’s always on target. Think about it. He penned the above quote almost 200 years ago. Yesterday was a busy day. I ended it with hooping and though I may not smile and laugh the whole way through, I’m finding that I’m getting lost in it-in a good way! I’m transitioning to focusing so much on doing the movements correctly, to just FEELING them. That’s huge for me. Dawn tries to get us to incorporate our arms into the movements in a beautiful way instead of what she calls having “T-Rex” arms! Guilty, but I’m NOT a dancer and it’s only with hooping that I’m feeling a little bit uninhibited to do that…and that’s just recently. She is always encouraging and I know it’s not just me. We practice hooping with our eyes closed and that helps a lot. Some people are just natural and have that movement already, like Mary, has that hip movement down pat. It’s really a gift to have such a wonderful teacher who brings out the best in each of us. I’m going from looking and feeling like I’m having convulsions to roughing out the edges thanks to her!

It’s a little like spinning or sewing. You have to FEEL it to figure it out. It becomes intuitive. You learn the basics, then learn the skill, then learn to let go. Yup, this is what I wore to hoop. I wear the Sierra Tank Dress dress, sometimes tied up, sometimes as a dress and it’s perfect every Tuesday and Thursday.

What else did I accomplish? The usual. Getting ready for the next vendor event which will be Fort Ligonier Days for me. What are you looking for in the fiber department that I can focus on besides socks? They are in the pipeline and the first batch is due back soon. Right now I’m sorting through what’s what. Here’s a peek at the inventory on hand. I work with the concept of making what I would like to have. What colors do YOU like? What are people looking for? I guess you can’t go wrong with neutrals and naturals. Are you looking for finished products or raw materials to make your own? Yarn? Dyed? Hand spun yarn? Mill spun yarn? Coasters? Felted items? Alpaca core spun woven rugs? The sky’s the limit and I just need direction. If it were up to me, I’d just make what I felt like. And then I save my feed bags because of course, I want to make them into bags with handles. I think I’d better get to work with all of these plans.

I also listened and watched my fiber friend, Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms and Dye Secrets on a FB live post. She’s a breath of fresh air and I have so missed her posts and classes. We did one here with her at Pike Run and she’s an amazing woman. I miss her wit and wisdom and she ALWAYS gives me something to think about. She’s another gifted teacher God put in my life. Yesterday she was talking about a person she encountered somewhere and that person said something about not knowing what to eat (or along those lines) to which Natalie replied, “Do you realize how privileged you are that you can choose what to eat? Most of the world has no choice. They eat the same thing every day.” She says such obvious things and it gets me thinking. Yes, we are privileged and all I agonize over lately is what or where to eat with my leaky gut. I made Mediterranean Chicken salad with leftover chicken and things I already had in my fridge for dinner. I think she set me on a new path without knowing it. She always does that and I thank her every time. The alpacas MIGHT chose to venture out today. It is sunny and crisp. 40 degrees when I woke up and just how they like it. I spent yesterday hand pulling weeds in their area because the weather was perfect for it. They were funny and stayed in the barn, except for Hammy. He lounged by the feeder. Here they are this morning. Thinking about it. The woven core spun pillow is finished! I like the rectangular shape and I love it on my soft seating. That’s the chair that Connor the Grand Dog and I share. He does not like to take naps on the floor. He’s quite interesting. He’s here because the kids are at H.Wonder Coffee and Records today. I think I’ll put that on my schedule and maybe the Farmers Market. Hope the farmers all did ok with all of the rain this week.

I think I’ve taken up enough of your time so I’ll wrap this up.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!