Daily Reflections From My Window

September 2, 2021 Thursday: Trees and Roots and WARNING-Snake Photo


“It is the roots which give a tree strength, not its branches.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

That was some rain yesterday and I was out making sure that the alpacas were ok and that water wasn’t seeping into their shelter. Since it sits at a point on a slope, water used to flood it on a light rain. We had some drainage put in and yesterday it seemed to work, thank goodness. I still did a little digging and put boards down where it still settles a bit so the boys could reach their water. The girls seem to fare much better, though feeding everyone inside is a challenge. This is the boys side at the height of the storm. We still need to dig out some of this so it flows better but all in all, it didn’t go inside believe it or not and that’s fantastic. Here is the girls’ outdoor dining station. No alfresco dining here. They filled with rain water as quickly as I emptied them so I put them all inside. A little jostling for space and everyone was happy and full. I added wood pellets to the floor and that was well received by them too. A bit of hay inside and they were set for the day. Today the sun is already shining and it looks like a good one. I heard weather person Christy Shields say that if you are not along a river or stream to enjoy the day, otherwise be careful. There is still run off and many streams and creeks haven’t reached their full depth.

Once again I thank God that we live where we live. Even New York and New Jersey are experiencing historic flooding. I just saw a news clip of water rushing into the subway in NY. Glad the kids are here and not there! I called to check on them yesterday and talked to Madison. She had some things to take to the coffee shop but saw that the area near Greenhouse Park was flooded. Oh no! I said. She said, “I come from a place (Savannah) where we have this with hurricanes and know that when they tell you to stay away from an area, or when you get to water on the road, you stay away and not to try to drive through deep water.” She turned around and went home. It could wait. She’s a smart girl.

***Warning to non snake people. Photo ahead. This little thing was sitting under a casserole dish I had washed and had drying upside down on the counter overnight. Before you freak out, it was maybe 4 inches long and curled up, took up an inch and a half of space. Must have been too wet outside. But..obviously a baby, so where’s mama? And the rest of the clutch? It’s a harmless ring neck and they do eat the other insects but I’d rather they did that outside. They are regular visitors though and I’m not surprised or startled anymore after living in the woods for 20 years. I got back to cleaning up and putting away from ArtWalk in the Park and things are looking pretty good. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. When I feel like that, a creative burst certainly follows! When I took out these baskets that I had nestled inside each other, I was pleasantly surprised to find this. Thank you God for the message! Someone loves me. Or maybe this was meant for one of you to see? It looked at first like the layers of the Earth when I pulled it out. Then I saw the heart and got a message. That’s ALWAYS a great message to receive. I know some of you think I’m nuts for talking about Godwinks so much, but when you get one (and I hope you do!) you’ll feel the joy and will be open to more.

My hummers were so hungry last night. I had fed them earlier and they went through it quickly. They had to wait for me to mix up a new batch of the water. I think they brought some friends with them. It’s been a while since there were this many. I counted 15 at one point. I think you might see 4 or 5 in this video.

So the Wilmore Dam held thank goodness and my water source assured me that our dams (the Wilmore Dam is not part of our system) are in good shape and that the one nearest us is low because they were replacing a water release valve. Did you know that there are scuba divers specifically trained to do things like this? Think Mike Nelson in Sea Hunt. Obviously you can work in a wet suit in places other than Florida. The alpacas look happy today and I’m headed out to check on them. It’s a little brisk this morning but I think the humidity is a lot lower. Yay!

I’ve gotta get moving. “It’s a wonderful day to excel! Carpe’ Diem!” Thanks to my late father in law for that quote!

And then hooping tonight! Join me!

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!