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August 30, 2021 Monday: ArtWalk Recap


“Real faith means holding ourselves open to the unconditional mystery which we encounter in every sphere of our life and which cannot be comprised in any formula. Real faith means the ability to endure life in the face of this mystery.”

Martin Buber

I think I’ve shared my thought process in the past about how I compose these posts, so I won’t repeat myself. Today, I was blank and then I picked up one of my favorite morning reads and started to form an idea. “When God Winks at You” by Squire Rushnell, gave me a little inspiration and I was gathering my thoughts about my experience yesterday at ArtWalk in Stackhouse. I hoped you stopped by and said hello. It was so good to be there and kudos to organizer Denise Urban and her helpers who gracefully navigated through the muddy conditions, short tempers, unhappy vendors who baled or left and managed crowd control, all in the beautiful natural surroundings of our Stackhouse Park.

It was a good day all around, but boy, am I out of practice with being around people and chatting ALL DAY. And with my memory situation, I hope I didn’t offend anyone if I didn’t remember you right away. Like this beautiful young lady who I was blessed to meet when I taught a fiber class at Valley School several years ago. “Hi, I was in your fiber class (she remembered what I called it and for the life of me, I can’t remember!) with Magistra. Do you remember me?” Of course I looked at her blankly but I DO remember her face and she said everything I needed to know. “Magistra” is Latin for “teacher” and it’s what they called Shelley Miller, with whom my family traveled to Guatemala with our church years back. Shelley asked me to put together a class in the fiber arts for her students because she loved the fiber arts. Sidney, the young lady held a special place in my heart because she was quiet and shy and just dug right in to the class. I recognized the face, but it had been 3-4 years and she’d grown up a bit. I looked at her with no clue where I knew her, and I could tell that she was disappointed. But Sidney, you were a very special student and inspired me to put together other classes! Yes! I remember you well! I just needed a minute! I wanted to hug her but in these crazy days, can’t do that. Here’s beautiful Sidney now.

And then. She said she still knits which made me very happy. She’s a sweet girl and I love that she stopped to say hello. For everyone else who stopped by, I want to say thank you! If you asked how I was and I went on and on, I apologize. I’m telling you, I’m out of practice!

But I really appreciate those of you who shared what you were looking for in the alpaca product department. I’m listening! Mittens with flaps, more styles of socks, what I have in the pipeline, thank goodness! If you bought something, my animals thank you..it helps pay for their feed and hay. You’ve given me inspiration to get back on track and focus. Thank you for that!

Here are some visitors to the event. Lots of earth worms trying not to drown.

How about this cute family? I loved her glasses-they were so clean, I asked if they actually had lenses! Yes, they did. It was a wonderful event for families, with lots to see and activities for the kids.

Back to being late and rambling. While composing my thoughts, I took a quick listen to Joyce Shulman in her morning message in our 99 Walks group and got off track of my original thoughts. She was talking about the importance of long friendships and relationships. It was a great reminder to check in on our friends, facing difficulties or not. Her BFF is in New Orleans. Mine is in Pittsburgh. Both facing storms. She always has something that strikes a chord with me. Thanks Joyce for the reminder.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!

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