Daily Reflections From My Window

August 15, 2021 Sunday Is it a Day of Rest?


“Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called, ‘All The Things That Could Go Wrong.” Marianne Williamson

Happy Sunday! It’s a little overcast and cool today, but I don’t think rain is in the forecast. The hummingbirds are flitting about at the feeder and that makes me smile to hear their little wings and chirps.

Our church services are cancelled for the day because our rector has the flu. I never thought of that before. He doesn’t have an associate pastor and has never been sick, that I know if, since we’ve attended this church. I looked up the lectionary and readings for today and will definitely miss his sermon about how they all tie together. Here is my verse of the day. Not from the lectionary but from one I get emailed to me. I like it and it reminds me of God’s love for us.

Gosh, there is a lot going on in the world. I haven’t turned on the news yet. Between earthquakes, hurricanes, Covid, what’s happening in Afghanistan and in our own crazy country, I needed the peace and tranquillity of our little church service in the woods more than I knew. There are other churches, I know.

I wonder if the above quote by Marianne Williamson is true this year for kids. It reminds me of when our son was little, we tried not to watch the news ALL the time. Then 9/11 happened and at first, we shielded him and then we couldn’t stop watching. It’s interesting what kids see and feel. We watched as people jumped out of the Trade Center windows to their deaths in hopes of trying to save their lives, when it popped on one night unexpectedly. Now they warn you but back then, it was real time, minute by minute and I was transfixed. Jack turned to me and asked, “but who will pick up all of the garbage? This is so bad for the Earth!”, and started to cry. At 6 years old, didn’t realize that they were people and just saw the papers and debris fluttering down from the windows to the ground, along with all of the other things. They were studying recycling and the planet in 2nd grade that year. Saving the Earth really made an impact. I’m so glad that at that time, he didn’t realize there were people too. You never know how kids see or feel things until they verbalize it or show it in another way.

How will our kids process all of what’s going on in the world now? Add mask wearing in schools and I think it would be tough. That message and vision alone is frightening. Facial expressions are so important for little ones to communicate and process. I’m glad I don’t need to explain this one to a little person. I hope they can all be happy go lucky and just having a ball. Childhood should be fun. Get them to the woods, or a playground, or a stream, or a beach! Fresh air is the best. Nothing like living in the Laurel Highlands. We may not have the latest of all current trends, but we have lakes, streams, rivers, forests and trails. Right here. Within driving distance!

So sorry for that downer. As for yesterday, we had Connor, the grand dog and he is great to have around. It’s OK being a part time dog sitter. He absolutely LOVES Jay and as long as he can see him, he’s in Heaven. Here they are gazing out the window together. Nothing like having your own fan club.

I did need to pick a few things up at the farmers market yesterday and then headed down to H.Wonder Coffee and Records for a bite of lunch. If you haven’t been there yet, put it on your to-do list. Everything is fresh and made for you, right there. The coffee hasn’t been sitting in a pot for hours getting burnt. The pour-overs are fantastic. This was a lavender cold brew (I think that’s what she called it) with oat milk. It was really refreshing! Pear is the flavor of the week. They are just coming into season. I adore the “baby platter”-this time, it came with all of the in season fruits and veg I love. Pears, berries with fresh bee pollen and of course, celery, with the organic peanut butter to dip. Sooo good! They try to serve what is available from local farmers, in season, but there are a few things not readily grown here, like oranges and grapefruits, and people like that citrus punch. I think the fall will really open up some interesting choices and I can’t wait. Even their baker is doing seasonal with the gluten free bars. There are berries and peaches (our very short peach season) in the bars and lots of goodies in the scones and quiche. They’re open Friday-Sunday, 9-5, but will be experimenting with being open other days during the week.

It reminded me that I had to get home to wash the fresh produce I’d gotten at the market and to check on Connor.

I’d gotten patty pan squash, fresh lettuce, purple and white potatoes, tiny beets, and the sweetest donut peaches. I like to wash them outside and then dry them on our table on the patio.

I told you yesterday about our fun game of “Stick”. Jay was throwing the stick for Connor when he said, “Hey, what’s the yellow thing in his mouth?”. I naturally assumed it was either the tennis ball he also likes or a softball we have and then it dawned on me that that rascal grabbed either a squash or potato from my wash tub! Now we jokingly call the new game, “squash”! We never did find it. He either ate it or hid it in the woods. He has a stash of sticks and bones and now vegetables hidden somewhere nearby. Here are the tiny beets I got yesterday and they are so good on salads, or just as a snack. I boil them with the skins on for about 25 minutes. I have a bowl of ice water ready and scoop out the beets when they are tender and immediately plunge them into the ice water. It’s sort of the same principle as felting. It causes shock and the skin easily slips off the beets. Now I have lots of water for fabric dying. Here’s an example of what I’d does to s simple paper towel. If I do it correctly, we’ll see how our fiber and fabric turns out.

Felting is caused by hot to cold water temp with agitation. Water and extreme temperature changes do amazing things. It pays to be careful. Cold to hot is ok. Hot to cold? Not so much. Here was our view yesterday after the brief afternoon shower. It’s really hard not to sit in my soft seating all day and just gaze at this amazing view. Someone won’t let me. When he’s here. We share it! Even though yesterday wasn’t the kind of fiber day I had anticipated, I worked on cutting up and freezing peaches for winter and washing and storing my produce, all of which contains great digestive fiber. My Dad has been dead for over 20 years and I still remember him canning peaches, making tomato sauce and putting up canned goods in our tiny Raven Drive kitchen every year at this time. Then in the depths of the cold winter, he’d break out a quart of peaches, and, oh my gosh, we were transported back to summer with each bite. Those were the days. I should have taken advantage of that guy’s wisdom more than I did, but I assumed he’d be here forever.Not much happening out in the field. I think we’ll work on finally connecting that solar ⚡️fence. It’s time.

By the way, I had my Sierra Tank Dress on all day. It was perfect for the weather and everything I did.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!