Daily Reflections From My Window

August 9, 2021 Monday Fibery Day then off to the Doc.


“I love kids. I just love kids. They put you in a good mood and they are so full of life.”

Carmen Electra

Yesterday was Sunday and I decided to really straighten up my former Macaroni Kid closet since we gather our garbage together on Sunday night for early Monday morning pickup. After publishing for 11 years, I had accumulated a lot of things I didn’t need any longer. There were things that were brand new and would make great gifts, there were things I can pass on to my teacher friends, there were things I could use if asked to make an alpaca craft for a large event, and then there was a lot of obsolete paperwork. That went in the garbage. I managed to whittle it all down and got 2 bags of garbage just from that closet. I felt great about straightening it up finally and awful about the waste. So much waste in marketing-brochures, flyers, laniards! What do you do with laniards? I must have 25 of all colors. I’ll think of something.

It made me think though, how much I miss coordinating those simple crafts for the kids and why. Sure, I was there to be entertainment for the kids at an event (and at some, I was promoting a sponsor or product) but for the most part, we made ribbon twirlers, pasta necklaces, or bird feeding pipe cleaners to hang on a tree. Simple things that kids could do. And do they did! I loved when they would stand at my craft table and just create-using my display directions as a guide, they usually made it their own with a twist. It was unique to them. Then they would talk. They’d tell me about school, or their teachers or their friends. They’d share what they wanted to be when they grew up. Their little faces would light up. They were full of life and hope for the future! It was magical.

A few months ago I was asked to do a Tales with Tails Tuesday session at the Cambria County Library downtown on behalf of alpacamom.com. I decided to assemble paper bags with supplies to make puppets using alpaca fiber and the paper bag as the base for the puppet. There was supposed to be a police dog there too, so I made that my theme. A police dog puppet made with alpaca fiber. The police dog got called away on business so the kids had extra time to go to town and get creative. They did! From this:

To this-It’s my example. Jay thought it looked more like a cat and it turned out that the police fog wasn’t a German Shepard after all. Oh well. When I meet him I’ll apologize for making that assumption.

Makes me really miss how kids think outside the box more than I remember. Here’s how the kids interpreted it. Since it helps to know what an alpaca is and where the fiber comes from, I set up a display and the kids and parents were delighted to hear that yes! Touching was encouraged!

We even got a little blurb here in Cambria Regional Chamber’s Good News Friday report early in July. We’re towards the end, but you get to see all of the good news happening here if you watch.

Though I think it’s supposed to be a sin to work on Sundays, sifting through and sorting this stuff wasn’t work at all. It was a joy to sort through all of the good memories of helping bring crafting materials, sponsored products and more to the kids and families in this community. God gave me that opportunity.

Speaking of church and God, our rector, Father Simons, gave another amazing sermon that interpreted the readings and gospel for me. Who was David’s son? He tells it in such a way that I sat there thinking about what a great movie (series) this would make. How he ties the Old Testament with the New Testament and then to present day and his life and ours, never ceases to amaze me. It’s a real gift, storytelling is! He’ll point out things you’d never even think of. Like how much the average American spends on hair care products each year and how important hair is in this and other Bible stories. The guy in this story has 4 1/2 pounds of hair! That’s what we shear from Dovis! He shows how things come full circle. I never thought of these stories as anything but disconnected diatribes. Now I want to read more!

Here is a link to the early service sermon and the whole service if you choose to watch. I hope it’s the same! He may have tweaked it a bit for the Baptism at the 10 AM service. I also have to mention that it is a real treat to be able to sing again and share communion at the altar rail. I’m so out of practice I had my hands backwards and wasn’t sure which way to walk. I think it’ll all come back in time. I missed hearing the organ and our organist is wonderful! Please continue to pray for my friends John and Edyce. Pancreatic cancer is a challenge for sure. #cancerhasnobizwithriz.

Yes, I wore my #SierraTankDress to church, to the farmers market, to scoop you-know-what. It’s got to be day 50 at least. I lost count, but it’s the first thing I grab every day.

Today, it’s a little bit of fiber and then I have a doctor appointment. I’m having a procedure done on my knee. It’s non surgical and a tried and true method of using my own platelets to regrow my cartilage and the fluid around my knee. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!