Daily Reflections From My Window

August 8, 2021 Sunday: Faith? Do I really have it?


“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?”

Albert Einstein

If you read this or know Jay and I, you know that our son is a philosopher. He even has a degree with honors, in philosophy from the New School in New York-the same school that Eleanor Roosevelt attended and many, many other deep thinkers. Mark Cuban has said in the past that it’s one of the best degrees a person can have for the long run. Jack says, he is a “student of life.” That he is and yesterday we watched the grand dog Connor while he and Madison were working. We all were chatting in the driveway when they came to pick him up and the conversation turned to faith. How? I don’t remember, but I think I asked who his favorite philosopher was and should have known the answer. Søren Kierkegaard, of course. Or as he is also known by another pseudonym, Johannes de Silentio (“John of silence”). Who knew? Not I. So I had to do some research this morning and I found this. Appropriate for a Sunday and right on topic of what we were talking about in our driveway discussion of how many people put too much faith in things, government and others and none really in God. Jack pointed to Kierkegaard for the true answer once again. I didn’t really get it until I read this. I think this is what he meant, both Jack and Kierkegaard.



by Michael W. Austin

“First, a central truth in the works of Søren Kierkegaard is that we must obey God, even when this looks preposterous to others. Abraham, Noah, and the apostles are biblical examples of such obedience. Authentic faith is different from dead religion because it produces genuine obedience and love of both God and others.

Second, Christians are to renounce the world but then receive it back from God by faith to be enjoyed and experienced in the ways He intends. Believers are to renounce their claim on, but not their care for, what and whom they love. We can enjoy the finite goods of earthly life, but we must depend on God for our ultimate happiness.

Finally, if Kierkegaard were alive today, he would exhort people to take responsibility for themselves and their choices. He would have little patience for shifting responsibility to genetics, environment, or upbringing. For Kierkegaard, a living faith is one that expresses itself in works of love for God and others (see Gal. 5:16). Ultimately, each person is responsible for who they are and how they live, and can only achieve their full potential through a passionate and living faith in God. This is what it means to truly know God in Christ.”

Want to read more? Here’s a link to the full text.

Boy that kid makes me think. Even Albert Einstein knew what it meant. And where did I get the Einstein quote? From this book that Jack gave me not too long ago.

I also get lots of inspiration from this one that Madison gave me. You think these two know me well? You’re right! As I head off to church this morning, I’ll keep these thoughts in mind. I like to think that my only faith is in God. He’s my higher power and all things come through Him.

Sorry this is so heavy this morning. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

If you are looking for a great pit stop today, head down to H. Wonder Coffee and Records. They’ve introduced a new line of baked goods from Simply Good in Ligonier to perfectly complement the most delicious coffee in the region. Don’t drink coffee? That’s ok. They serve teas and the best smoothies you’ll find anywhere. Too bad I didn’t take a photo before! It was so good with my delicious coffee! Madison made me a Turmeric Latte. Perfectly complemented the quiche and bread. She also features a special coffee of the week. What is it? You’ll have to go to find out! I think he’s on his way to us.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!