Daily Reflections From My Window

July 31, 2021 Saturday Vet Visit


“When a gentleman was asked, ‘Who is it that you charm?’ his response was anyone 8, 18 or 80; blind, crippled or crazy.”

Attributed to a special friend of a sweet lady I know.

Sounds like my vet. He just has a way with alpacas and can charm us all. He makes us all feel better. Even Jay who faithfully yells out “Vetinary!” when he sees our beloved Dr. Dan arrive, just like the grumpy old farmers do from the classic tv series, “All Creatures Great and Small” on PBS. Not the new one, the old one.

I never expected when I texted a picture to Dr. Dan at about 4 PM late yesterday afternoon of Oia’s eye, and the words, “Does this look as bad as I think it does?” And then, “could you put me on your schedule for a check up when you have a chance?”, that he would text back and say, “I’d like to come by tomorrow morning and check on it.” By 7:15 this morning, he was gathering supplies to check on our sweet Oia. and in our barn by 7:20. He just takes his time so that they can watch and check him out, then casually walks through the gate and up the rocky path to where I have them gathered. Then we have a conversation about what’s going on with them and he pretty much just lets them check him out. They trust him and remember him. He’s a great vet. Here’s Bea supervising what he’s up to. Before they knew what was going on, he’d assessed the situation, made a diagnosis and prescribed a course of action. This was a job for some antibiotic cream mixed with hydrocortisone and some antibiotic eye drops. For Oia and Flo. The two who consistently get the rough skin commonly referred to as elephant skin in alpacas. They are half sisters too. Oia had cut her eye on something a few years ago and he treated it and the rough skin around her eyes (the elephant skin) is itchy. She’s always rubbing on something, so she could easily have aggravated the eye. I hope the hydrocortisone mixed with the antibiotic cream helps. It should. I’ll save you from the gross photos, but here’s Dan, handling Taz where no man would dare go! Petting an alpaca on top of the head. They let him do anything. I’m telling you.

Then he checked out the rest, updated their CD&T vaccines and didn’t like the look of Dovis’ right eye. It’s a bit cloudy and since she’s the oldest, I thought it was a cataract or the beginnings of one, so I didn’t even draw it to his attention, but he noticed it right away. After a quick bit of ophthalmic dye, he said she had Uveitis and he would investigate the treatment for that and get back to me. He did and she requires an antibiotic/steroidal ophthalmic drop. Glad it wasn’t the $4000 eye removal. The green stuff is the dye. It is bright yellow when he puts it in and turns bright green for this situation.

He stays as long as he needs to and was here for about 2 hours checking everything and everyone. Then off he went to tend to his own family. Sorry people, he’s not taking any new clients at this time! This day got off to a great start. I needed to get to the farmers market at the Westmont Presbyterian Church before noon for Dickert’s Farm for eggs, the Hill Farm for beets and onions,

and the Harris Greenhouse for cantaloupes. I forgot that photo! Luckily I made it with 15 minutes to spare. Then off the Westmont Rexall to pick up Dovis’ Prescription and some hydrocortisone cream and triple antibiotic cream. Then to Going In Style to grab some shampoo I forgot when I had my hair done the other day.

I wanted to take Connor with me, but decided against it this time. I could move faster.

Home again and I ate lunch and then administered the meds to the alpacas. It went smoothly because I think it felt good to have the creams and drops applied. Maybe next time they’ll be lined up.

So I hope your day was amazing. The weather couldn’t be better. Sunny yet not sweltering and with a breeze. We live in a beautiful area. Enjoy it! Now it’s time to figure out what to make for dinner.In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!

That’s me holding Dovis.