Daily Reflections From My Window

July 20, 2021 Tuesday: Solar Fence Update


“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” 

Mark AmbroseIt’s interesting how those things change. Our futures and our friends. When we’re young, our friends are neighborhood kids, or friends from school or maybe relatives that we see a lot. As we go through our lives, our friendships develop from further interests that drive us to pursue a specific field of education, and then our workmates become our friends.

Who and what friendships last? I’m really blessed to have several from childhood, but specifically one special person. You know who you are! I always think, if we met today, would we be drawn to one another? We share many important things, like our faith and philosophies about right, wrong and love, but as to how we express those things, we are total opposites. She’s beautiful, fun and the life of the party. She loves glamour, sparkle and most of all, confetti filled envelopes. She’s thoughtful and kind and never forgets a special occasion. She’s a planner and was a banker. She was always cheering me on and supportive with her own dollars of my custom dressmaking business. She LOVED suits and told me she cried when she donated the suits that I made for her to a woman’s charity. She’s a doer and did it all on her own. She’s just one of those people that I am so thankful and blessed that God put in my life. She’s a constant. She’s consistent. She’s my best friend. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Why am I thinking about my dear Edyce as I greet today? It’s my 63rd birthday and I am kind of expecting an envelope filled with confetti. I really look forward to it, so I must clean my counter to prepare! I ordered a gift for her birthday and am still waiting for word on if the guy can do it. He’s fine tuning the packaging and did contact me recently to let me know that he’s getting closer. Let’s just say that I’m more patient than my dear friend. She’s more on the ball. That’s why I love her. Here she is with her husband John. No muted colors here! And we’re all supporting him in his fight but boy does he look great! All positive energy coming from these two. ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️I looked at my camera roll this morning and realized that I only took one picture yesterday. The one picture. Leftover camp casserole and fruit for breakfast. Still pretty good and this is actually Jay’s plate with his current book and one of his coffee cups from his collection that we get when we travel. I really love how he does buy them because when I see the different mugs, it brings back amazing memories of places we’ve gone. This one was from a MacKid Meet Up in NOLA. Yes, we had our own parade and dressed up. We were the Red Team. Yup, that’s Jay right beside me in the parade below.

He’s also a huge supporter of my crazy dreams and projects and actually got so involved with alpacas that he bought one of his own. He does barn duties if I can’t, maintains the pasture, and is my general cheerleader. I don’t think that when he said, “I Do”, all those years ago, we realized what a wonderful and interesting life we would have together. Camping, traveling, just being able to work from home TOGETHER! It’s all been good. Even the bad. Like wearing all red in a parade in the streets of New Orleans with all of these women and their spouses being led by a local high school band.

He’s also helped me fine tuned my faith, and political and financial views. I shared that yesterday and have become a little more consumed with the situation that our country is in more than he is, this time around. He looks at the big picture and how what’s happening elsewhere affects the climate here. I finally understand how inflation happens and what it really means. It’s great to be able to discuss the whys and how’s and he knows history inside and out. I can ask any question and it kind of forces him to think it through and why. He’s so good at that and remembering! I took that part for granted in school. I thought it would never change and those Encyclopedias would always be there for reference when I had a question. They are being rewritten as we speak to suit an agenda. Thank goodness for Jay’s knowledge.

He’s also kind and so very generous. We see a side of our spouses that no one else does and that’s something no one sees but those very close. He’s more likely than not to help someone who really needs it. And once in a while he’ll surprise me and say, “I’d like to give so and so a hand. They’ve worked so hard.” That’s my Jay, full of surprises! He’s a real softy underneath. He and Edyce are a lot alike but in different ways if that makes any sense and it’s no wonder they get along so well and have from the day they met! I’m so blessed that God put this special guy in my life. We NEVER would have met except by Divine intervention and after we did, years later found that my fathers family had a history with many places and people that Jay loves and I have come to. I never would have known that unless I had met and married Jay. My father never spoke of it, but that’s a really interesting story all on its own. Boy, I’m getting sappy!

He also made me a mom to the most wonderful (boy, I sure do like that word!) to this special person. ❤️❤️Who in turn brought this special person into our world. Blessed beyond belief, I am. ❤️❤️With the beautiful weather and the cost of hay, I’m determined to rotate our pastures more efficiently even though Lou is taking care of me in the hay department. While Jay monitored the current downturn in the market, I really focused on setting up a portable solar electric fence kit yesterday. “Easy set up” the kit says. “Almost everything you need in the box.” “Great for nuisance animals (like deer).” I got it at Tractor Supply. Luckily I got some additional taller step-in posts because the ones in the box were so short they would not keep a deer out. I literally struggled with the crazy thing all day, had to go to my local hardware store (threw on my navy Sierra tank dress so that I didn’t look so messy!) to get the few things that weren’t included in the kit, which they didn’t have and came home and called it a day. Today I will try again. First I have a doctor appointment and can stop at Tractor Supply while I’m out. Jay has an electrician coming for other things and will be supervising that.

Dovis says “Good Morning!” I’ve gotta get going. They await!

Oh wait! As I watch Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin prepare for their first human space flight, I’m reminded of a day when I was 11 in 1969, watching transfixed as man first walked on the moon! July 20, is the anniversary of the first space walk. Yes, no cell phones then (they came FROM space exploration technology) so I can’t quickly pull up a picture.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!