Daily Reflections From My Window

July 19, 2021 Monday: The Start of a New Idea Week


“Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at.”


It’s Monday and we got home from a weekend of camping with friends last night. By the time we unload and put everything away, it takes a few hours and yesterday I was ahead of the game. Today I’ll put everything back in and we’ll be ready for next time. My fog is lifting! the supplements seem to be working.

I did one last chore before I threw my navy Sierra Tank dress into the laundry for only the second time since I have been wearing it for so many consecutive days which I’ve forgotten. I’ll check on that. Here’s the chore.

Believe it or not, even with having to medicate Oia and Flo, not a spec stuck. It was time though to give her a wash and she (the dress) came out looking like new. Gosh, I just looked at this picture-those are my feet and the dress is fluttering at the bottom. It is me looking down taking the picture. That is not my chest! Funny! Yes, they left a lot of wet mucky poop for me to clean up there. Let’s see what’s up here. Last night we were awakened by an alpaca scream. I don’t think Jay was able to go back to sleep after that. Even though I walked around and checked on things, I was so tired that I’m not sure what was going on. They do that. It could be a rabbit that scared them or a T Rex. The reaction is the same. I’ll update that in a bit.

They look pretty peaceful first thing.

But not as peaceful as Diane’s cat kayaking. Can’t beat a camping cat!

Here are some photos of our weather this weekend. I don’t know if I got them, but there were times when we could see the rain in the distance under a dark cloud and on the other side, it was clear and sunny. The weather has been wild.

When we got home last night, we did a walk about and learned from a neighbor about how bad the weather had been here too. We luckily did not lose power. We lost some big branches though, and you can see by the photos, the scale of the branches. The top photo shows Jay by a massive tree that split in half at the top. Luckily it didn’t damage anything and didn’t even block the path. The second shows him next to a “Widow maker”. That’s a branch that comes down like a spear. That’s not a sapling. It’s a branch embedded in the ground. He pulled it out and into the woods it went. By the time we were finished, a slight rain started up and the alpacas ran from the field into the barn so Jay is closing the door while I was heading to turn on the fence for the night. All good. Before we went in, we checked our little blueberry Bush. Not bad! More are still ripening.

I see that today is supposed to be amazing. The sun is coming out and the temps are supposed to be nice. I think I’ll work on fiber today. I forget what my idea was but I’m sure once I get started, an even better one will emerge.

I have to share that the 3D sock machine arrived and I took it along with me because when the weather is good, we all sit outside and our Camp Director Dawn does crafts. I thought this could be mine. The weather kept changing, from rain to wind to sun, and I called it quits for the weekend. We had an extended period of rain a few times and I thought that was my chance, but the instructions for casting on (getting the yarn on to start) were online and the internet was awful. I decided to wait until I could be uninterrupted and could watch without it breaking up. THAT’S what I’ll do today! I have a plan and that will lead to more ideas.

Last night I watched the Sunday Night Futures Show on TastyTrade with Jay. Words I thought I’d never type. In my life. They give a preview of what today’s stock market may look like. They have traders all over the world and Tom and Tony were talking to a guy in Australia. Founder of TastyWorks and TastyTrade, Tom Sosnoff is a master investor. He’s all about teaching others how to do what he does. Some of what he shares is for free, some is a membership basis, but he’s figured the passive income part out too. He’s on every platform there is. To get the word out, he makes money. He’s all about no regulations (which is great for innovation) but realizes that some regulations are necessary to keep things going. He wants investing your money to be less of a mystery. He’s removing the mystique and replacing it with mechanics that even I can understand to some degree. He wants our kids to be financially savvy so he’s got a real broad variety of traders who share their expertise and experience. He’s a smart guy. As Jay points out-he wears a beret. As I point out, it’s branded with his logo! Always be selling. Passive income.

Jay explained to me about the Aussie dollar after Tom shared a trade he did, right there, in real time, on his computer so that everyone, if they wanted to, could replicate it. I can’t re explain it. BUT the Aussie trader was talking about how they are on lockdown in Australia for the next 2 weeks at least and how it affects everything. They mean lockdown. You get fined for going out of your house during this time. I hear the personal parts.

Then Jay told me that he just read that in France, you get jail time and fines if caught without your Health pass. Businesses are expected to police patrons and if they don’t, will be jailed and fined and even closed down.

As if that wasn’t enough, I turned on Mark Levin. He explains the changes that have slowly been happening to our freedoms as Americans. We’re losing them. Covid has made that so evident. I am not getting the shot. My doctor recommended against it and tested me and I have the antigens. Marxism is against innovation and ideas. It’s about a forced rule for the good of the collective. Who says what that is? Who prospers? Oh don’t worry, it won’t be me or you. Forget about exciting new inventions from Elon Musk (he actually just said that he doesn’t think an electric truck will work) who won’t even have the chance to try. Watch Mark Levin. He explains the principals our founding fathers based this country on and if we don’t teach that to our kids, we won’t have a country and any new ideas. Who invented the telephone? The cell phone? Velcro? The 3D printed Circular Sock Machine? Americans. I still wish I’d invented Velcro! Don’t you?

I think a walk is in order today. Remember that if you sign up through my 99Walks Affiliate link, we both win. You save and I get paid a small fee for sharing. It’s a fabulously innovative and motivational app with the concept of a pack to encourage each other created by a serial innovator! You create your own goal and Joyce and her team give you the tools. I walked over the weekend at the campground with a walking buddy and set my 99 Walks app. We would check it once in a while and say, “oh, finish your story, one more lap will take us to a full hour and 3 miles and I want to hear what you have to say!”and it did and I did hear the end of the story.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!