Daily Reflections From My Window

July 15, 2021 Thursday What day is it? (That was a joke!)


“Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

Steven Wright

I got an email this morning from Amazon and someone was asking a question about something I’d purchased there. It was a purchase from a year ago but I didn’t remember. I DID remember seeing the item in question in our garage, I think. It had a link to the order. Apparently I very generously ordered a gift of other items with this purchase for a friend (did some come here and some go there?) because mine was the billing address and hers was the shipping address. I have contacted her and she’s checking on it. I don’t think she remembers either and she’s younger.

Funny how an email can derail the day. I shouldn’t even check until later, but I do. Now to get back on track, no matter what the day brings.

Yesterday I DID get to yoga. I met my friend Kathy there and we decided that we had to meet and hold each other accountable to one day a week at least. I wore my navy Sierra Tank Dress as a dress to yoga, then tied it up as a top during, with shorts underneath and back down into a dress when we went and had a cup of Madison’s chai latte with oat milk at the Mill House. This dress makes for one less decision anytime. It was so nice to sit outside and chat. Despite the fact that Mary (my statue) called for rain-and it did sprinkle on the way over and right when we finished, we managed to sneak in a little treat and catch up. Actually meeting up with Kathy is a treat. She’s so busy lately and we barely have time to catch up by phone. If for no other reason we meet for yoga, I’ll commit to see my buddy. I do need it though. I need to improve my flexibility. I’m glad we shared this freshly made hummus and veg. I love how finger foods are an option on menus more and more. Pretty straightforward and healthy. Madison is the master of this.

Then home to my bee cleanup. I’m still fiddling with frames, but laid them out for the bees to take what they wanted. It was interesting how they left me alone until the early afternoon. The intermittent sprinkles subsided and it got sunny and warm and the bees got busy. Why they wanted to be near the hot pots is a mystery, but more of them were buzzing around me and I managed to get my tools inside without any bees following and continued melting the old beeswax down for other uses. This disc has been sitting overnight and is hard because it cooled and floated to the top of the water. It will be heated and strained a few more times to clean it up more. Then I’ll put it into a mold of some kind to be made into something else. It’s messy and I’m sure there are easier ways, but for now, I line my studio counter with newspapers, the sink with plastic bags and lay cut-open feed bags to make area rugs on the floor to walk on to mitigate any gunk. It seems to be working and I want to be careful since this is also my dye area.

Here’s what’s happening this morning. Bees still have a lot to clean up but I’m sure they’ll get busy even though Mary (my statue) is calling for rain again. Honey bees were all over these frames late yesterday afternoon.

I got so busy that I didn’t make dinner and after a quick shower I threw on my Sierra Tank Dress and off we went to Eat ‘n Park for a nice Chicken Bruschetta dinner together. Their menu tends to have healthy options and the Chicken B with broccoli and a baked potato is one of my favorites, served by a cute recent high school grad Liza, made it taste even better. It’s the place for smiles you know! That’s one of the perks of small town living. You get to watch these kids grow up and one day they are graduating and working and off to college. She’s a sweetheart. Her mom’s great too. Jay got a club salad and we both miss the salad bar. One day it will hopefully be back.

I pulled out my beekeeping book to read before heading to bed. I’d love to have a feral swarm of bees. There’s a part in this book about just that. The bee keepers who do it call it backwards bee keeping. They start with a colony that was not imported, but instead was found locally. They don’t feed them or medicate them. Their motto is to let bees be bees. The strongest will survive that way and build a natural resistance to disease. I like that idea. They interfere as little as possible. They provide the hive for the bees, they check the hive periodically and they harvest the honey. That’s it, pretty much. I like it! So today I’m back at it. Once I finish with the wax and reassemble the boxes, I’ll clean it up and get back to dyeing fabric and fiber. I still have some fiber to pack up and send off to be made into felted sheets for crafting. I said to Jay last night that I think these supplements are kicking in and the new Naturopathic thyroid hormone without the pig hormone is working. It takes time though. There’s no magic fix. It’s tweaking and testing and more tweaking. My memory is improving and I’m not feeling as rushed to finish EVERYTHING at once. I’m a serial multitasker and normally it gets done, but lately I just had a lot of unfinished projects hanging. Now they are getting finished, one by one. On my schedule, mindfully. And I enjoy doing them again. That darn hyponatremia really set me back. The alpacas say Good Morning! All heads pop up. Flo’s eyes are looking better (she’s second from the right). Oia was inside the barn so I haven’t seen her yet this AM, but I’ll check when I feed them and clean up the barn this morning.

Now off to start the day. What’s on your agenda? Later today, I’m hooping! Will I see you there? Here’s the info.

I hope to take a walk sometime today. Remember, if you’d like to try the 99 Walks App, you can use this special link. I get a small compensation if you sign up and you get a special price. It’s a wonderful community full of inspiration and motivation.

The sun is coming out. Better get going. I can’t let myself get caught up WATCHING the world situation but I’ll LISTEN while I work. I like to listen to a combo of world news (depressing the chaos) and financial ( through Jay and Tasty Trade). They do go hand in hand. One affects the other and vice versa. Who knew that I’d ever write those words, but I like to know what’s happening and yes, I come to my own conclusions. I hear something about Oatly-my favorite Oat milk happening on CNBC. Gotta go and listen.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!