Daily Reflections From My Window

July 10, 2021 Saturday: Time for Yoga After a Release of the Week and Bee Cleanup


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Walt Disney

I love to learn new things. Sometimes though, I’m so busy learning new things that I’m all over the place. I’m not sure that I’m moving forward as much as accumulating knowledge without focus. It’s all in my head and sometimes gets stuck there. Like beekeeping. I know a lot but I don’t put it in practice as well as I should. So yesterday, after seeing a honeybee and this beautiful swallowtail butterfly on the alpaca mat while tending to my herd, I was inspired to finish what I’d started and clean the bee frames and set it back up. While rinsing and removing the old gross wax that as I told you the other day was full of some kind of moths, I strained it through my sieve bucket with the intention of melting it down for the wax. Soon, several honeybees were all over it. I heard a wise voice say “let the bees do the work”, and it dawned on me that after I rinsed them and got the huge chunks off, I should leave them and see how much they DO clean the frames.I still did a premelt and straining out the dead stuff, but for the most part, I will accept their help. It’s still a little cool, but this is the frame this morning. I think bees work best when it warms up.

Here’s a wafer of wax that was melted down from the wax on the frames. It sat overnight in the pot of water to naturally cool and harden. It’s about 1/2″ think by 12″ or so. This will go through another melt and straining to get more impurities out. But it’s coming back to me. I know there is good stuff like propolis in here but right now I want to get these frames fresh and safe for the bees. And us. Connor and I worked all day together on things and he deserved a rest and I headed down to Hooded Wonder Coffee and Records for a fantastic meditation event they hosted. It was called “Release the Week”. Did you get the play on words? They wanted us to meditate on releasing stress, tension and busyness from the week while listening to a new release. It was quite good and just what I needed. It was led by Amy Wess of Just Breathe Yoga and the accompanying music was by Jack. The sounds of his synthesizer created its own continuous loop from the sounds of the piece played before. It’s hard to explain but quite effective. You’ll have to make a visit and have him demonstrate it.

There was a nice group and we were treated to Golden Chai Lattes topped with lavender and saffron afterwards. They tasted as good as they were beautiful.

After the session, we got to chat a bit. It was very well received for the first event. They plan to do more. Madison has a wonderful eye for curating and displaying the merchandise. Just check out this amazing display of textile art. 😉 Honestly, though, it looks so much better the way she laid it out than I would have, that it makes ME want to buy it! Yes, I had on my dress. Day something or other. It was so comfortable for the meditation session that I think I’ll wear it to yoga this morning. I’ll slip some yoga shorts under. Yes, the session inspired me to get back to yoga and Amy is teaching this morning at Just Breathe West.

After yoga, I need to visit the farmers market and pick up some lettuce and then do a little more bee clean up with my buddy Connor. It looks like a beautiful day today and maybe, just maybe, the rain has passed through. I also need to link this to my Instagram account. Yup, I took a class on how to do it, but was only half checking in because I was “multitasking”. It’s rummaging around in my head, but I need to get it out and use it so that I can stop dwelling on the fact that I need to do it. I need to forge ahead! Let go and move on to IG. But FB is so easy. Ugh.

I think Jay is headed to lunch with a friend today. He’s not caught up in all of this social media stuff. That’s good. He always comes home with good stories. In the present. He did our grass and upper pasture yesterday. I’ll get that fence up soon! I need to revisit the configuration and plan it out. I think I’ll make that my meditation this morning. Have you read about 99 Walks? Here, I hope! I really love the motivation and encouragement this app gives me to set MY own goals at my pace. If you sign up with this link you’ll get a special discount. I wanted to pass that on to you. I’m going to put a special tab on my site about it so you don’t have to dig.

*I will be considered an affiliate and for each new sign up will be paid a small commission. Full disclosure there.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!