Daily Reflections From My Window

July 9, 2021 Friday and a Day to Catch Up


“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

Newt Gingrich

That Newt Gingrich is so smart. He hit the nail on the head. He usually does. Some days I feel like I need to redo what I just did. That’s how today started and it’s only 7 AM. But that’s OK. It’s only 7AM so hopefully we’ll get back on track quickly. 4 emails to tend to about something that needs to be redone (NOT on my part thank goodness!) and we should be good. When they wake up and answer them. That’s the crazy thing about getting up early. Everyone else is still scratching bedbugs, as Jay’s Dad used to say.

As you may have read, our power was out from Wednesday at about 4:15 in the afternoon until about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. That was almost a full 24 hours. That’s the longest it’s been out for a few years now and thank goodness for generators. But it is also something like the 6th time in 2 months, but who’s counting, right? What’s going on? Talk about needing an infrastructure upgrade.

Here’s Jay refilling the gas mid morning. Then he measured for a cover. No, the door is not always open. Just when we need to get outside. It is outside and exhausts that way.

Being without power is a strange thing. It really plays with your schedule. I had intended another bookwork/website update day, but decided to go out and weed since the ground was wet and then it was raining again. The perfect day to weed! I did not take pictures because my gloves were so muddy from the rain and taking them off to take a picture was not easy. But here it is this morning. I just need to add some mulch.

I DID decide that there were so many things, weeds or not, that didn’t belong where they ended up, either by my planting or bird planting, so out they came. Like mint. I think I’d put some plain mint in a ceramic pot on a rock in this front garden and it must have had a hole in the bottom and a root escaped to spread into the soil. I pulled it out. All of it. Looks great now and not as messy. Yes, you CAN dye fabric and fiber with the whole plant! Of course that’s up on my calendar. I laid it all out on the driveway in bundles to dry and now it’s raining. It’ll be clean anyway.

I also bundled up the bad stuff and put it in garbage bags. Bishops gout weed, creeping buttercup and a few others that have no place in a garden. I’ve read and know that they are highly invasive and can be toxic to all creatures. Weeds like these insinuate themselves into the roots of other plants so they are hard to get to to pull out, no matter how soft and wet the soil. I think I got most out though. I still have work to do in there but boy did it feel good. Even though I feel like I was redoing what I’d done. I found some treasures though. A painted fern FROM the Painted Fern in Ligonier, a bunch of gladiolus from my friend Alice Bragdon surrounded by Bishops gout weed just screaming for space and sun.

I love glads and can’t wait till they bloom. No, no picture of that.

If you were at our library craft event last week and wondered where to grab some of our items locally, you can pop into Hooded Wonder Coffee and Records inside the Gallery on Gazebo in downtown Johnstown. They have a selection snd can call me if you are interested in something that’s not there. Here’s a selection. The inspector has arrived! We’ll have Connor here while the entrepreneurs manage the enterprise today. We’ll probably be going for breakfast and they reminded me that there is a meditation event tonight. Here are the details. It sounds wonderful.

Release the Week Free Event

Well enough of my moaning about things I need to redo. It’s time to do the work as Newt says, because as we all know, God’s going to help me!

And He already is. As I was looking for pictures of the yarn for this post, I found a folder with video I had taken of my complete fiber process already done. I just need to make it into a neat and tidy project. It’s there though! God is good. Some days, I am my biggest roadblock. Here’s a screenshot of the folder. The videos won’t play on this but coming soon! I’m sorry if I confused you. This is a screenshot of the folder where I store my ideas on my notes app and the videos DO NOT PLAY BECAUSE IT IS A SCREENSHOT ON MY PHONE.

Oh I almost forgot! After a wonderful hoop session that I really needed, we had dinner with our lovely friends Luci and Todd at the world famous Jim and Jimmies on Somerset Pike.

Of course the #SierraTankDress was the perfect attire. All Biker chicks should have one. Fits perfectly in the saddle bag and it’s easy to wear for #100DayDressChallenge !

Here’s a look at the hooping fun. Actually this is a fantastic move for your arms. People just think hooping is a kids’ game. Think again! Need to work on upper body strength? I know I did and after 4 years, my arms are stronger and more toned than ever. I’m not a weight lifter and these moves just make your arms look great and feminine. Perfect.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!