Daily Reflections From My Window

July 8, 2021 Thursday and The Power Is Still Off


“Life is full of blessings we take for granted. Yet so often we dwell on what we don’t have. Appreciate what you already have and be grateful.”

Napz Cherub Pellazo

That was a pretty big storm system that went through last night. There is a wide range of power outages here. Ours went off at 4:15 PM yesterday and the reported time for it to be back on is 11:00 tonight. Thank goodness we have a generator. Jay had the foresight to have our house wired so that we have the necessary things on the generator power when it goes off. We just need to pull the generator outside, turn it on and switch it over. It’s not automatic, but powers our water pump, furnace, refrigerator, microwave and very limited outlets and lights. We used to be able to watch tv, but can’t figure out what changed this time. It’s not working. Thank goodness that we can catch up on the weather forecast online I guess.

We started out with blowing winds then heavy rain that turned to hail, then thunder and lightning for about an hour. We had a break in the action and I had to get a box to UPS for 2 day air so I threw on my #SierraTankdress (thank goodness for that dress-I felt fine with no shower, no hairdo. I just washed my face and brushed my teeth!) and headed up to Richland. I made it before the storm started there and got back just in time for round two here. Here I am at the UPS place with my dress!

We hadn’t thought it necessary to switch over to the generator yet because the estimated time to have power restored was 7:30. I think after round two, that got pushed back, so Jay set us up. Another thing I take for granted is my loving husband. He is a lawyer and trained to think of what can go wrong and does something about it. Me? I’m optimistic and think that the power can’t possibly be out for more than few hours, can it? This is the USA. Seems like it can and it is.

I went through the city on my way to UPS and noticed that there were places where pockets of power was out. I didn’t dare stop to take pictures because as I drove slowly there, leaves and branches were everywhere. There was no telling what was just around the corner. It was quite a storm though, it blew the roof off of my neighbor’s commercial building in town. They are in the process of remodeling and all of the rain damaged three floors. They say that with God’s help, they will rebuild. Here’s a link to their post with the photos.

Once back home, we headed to our other neighbor’s house to pick some berries. Jay made friends with their cat. It’s funny how he’s not a cat person, he says, but look at the love on both faces! Here I am picking berries in my dress. It’s a tough dress, this one, but so comfy. Dinner would be on the grill and super simple. Thank goodness for the farmer’s market vegetables and things I’d gotten. Our refrigerator and freezer isn’t jammed packed so we can use up what’s there.

The turkeys came out and they love this kind of weather. Look at the little ones!

It was time to put the generator on. While I made dinner, Jay set it up. It’s a Godsend. Who knew it would still be on this AM. Jay got up once during the night to refill it. It runs on gas, and we try to have a supply safely stored for events like this. We may need to venture out for more. Why did we need it on overnight? To keep food fresh in the refrigerator, for the water pump so that we can flush and the alpaca water refills, the electricity for the alpaca fence-that kind of thing. It isn’t until you don’t have it that you realize what becomes necessary. My new kitchen composter isn’t necessary, so it can take a break now, but I sure do like using it. The other day we had a fresh, free range chicken from the farmers market and this thing says it can compost small bones, like chicken. Well, of course I had to try it. I put the legs and a few wings and assorted bones in with our usual kitchen scraps and I’ll be darned! It did it! The next morning was this nice powdery compost. Now to spread it on my plants.

I still need to share about my visit to the library on Tuesday! Yesterday got away from me. Tammy, our wonderful cleaning lady was here yesterday and made it out just after the first round of storms, but she got to experience our power being out. I hope she got where she needed to go safely. Now here’s a woman who manages a senior health care facility, where she works full time, and manages her own home cleaning business on the side. She LOVES what she does and is so caring in both endeavors. She is ALWAYS smiling and positive. We are so lucky to have her in our lives. Of course I didn’t take her picture, but I know I’ve posted it before. She’s a tiny little thing with big blue eyes and beautiful long hair. She’s a beauty.

I almost forgot to add the affiliate link to 99 Walks! It’s great! This walking app is full of motivation and you can be part of my pack With this special discount code. It’s a perfect day to walk snd we don’t count steps, we count miles. Join me! you go at your own pace and set YOUR goal. If it’s one mile or 100.

I love the bonus bracelets. Each month has a new theme. This one says “Live Limitless”. I’m trying!

Here’s another picture of the hail. Hopefully this out of here today. The creatures are up catching up on their food. The alpacas have tucked themselves away and only Hammy is braving the outdoors. stay dry, be grateful for what you have (like water and electricity) and in the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!