Daily Reflections From My Window

June 26, 2021 Saturday, Sock Report and Fire Hooping


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn

One of my biggest hurdles to self discipline is developing a routine. Like, if you can believe it, writing things down and taking notes, and then putting them where I can access them when I need them. In my quest for the perfect sock, I couldn’t even find one of my socks when I washed it, despite trying to always pin them together when I took them off. I even made a video about it. I may need to remake it because it was in my publishing days and I have to see if I can even access it. Above is a picture of the sock before washing.

Yet, once I get into the routine, and have a goal, there’s no stopping me. Take fiber prep. I have a goal to get 100 pounds of fiber washed, rinsed, and dried to ship to a mill to be made into sock yarn and then on to a mill to be made into socks so that I can have them for Fort Ligonier Days this fall. Right now, the mill is able to do it fairly quickly. If I dilly dally, I may lose my spot. So that’s where I’ll be today and was all day yesterday. I’m so close and may even have met the goal yesterday but have wait for what I washed to fully dry so that I can get an accurate weight. How dirty does the water get? This is after the rinse. The fiber is spun out, once after the wash and once after the rinse and water like this remains. It’s great for watering my plants. It’s full of organic matter. I’ve been taking pictures of the whole process and WILL follow up with a page on that.

Back to the sock. After Jay told me how he laundered his pair, I put this one in with a load of sheets on the sheets and bulky setting. It wasn’t delicate and I know that the temp changed. Then into the dryer she went. Still on the bulky heavy setting. She came out perfectly! The picture above is the AFTER. I should have measured for shrinkage, but didn’t. They fit great and since the mill washes them after knitting, I think any major shrinkage has occurred. More may occur if I do dye them because that is done in very hot water. I will definitely measure. Well, I had an idea! I have one washed and one unwashed and when one is laid over the other, it seemed to have shrunk about 1/4 of an inch at most. I think it fits and feels better after the wash and dry. I like a snugger sock. The two goals I’m working on now are washing alpaca fiber and dyeing cotton fabric using avocado pits and peels for a project for Madison. If I set things up efficiently, I can get both done and not waste time. So, I soaked the fabric in soda ash diluted in water overnight so that I could add it to the dye bath I made the other day. It has to boil for about 2 hours, so while I was waiting for that to happen I got my fiber buckets going. It all went pretty smoothly. This picture is of the fabric dyeing with the avocado peels.

Once the fabric had its time, I turned off the burners and let them sit overnight. Tomorrow I’ll be able to show you how the dye took. I’ve never dyed this way before so it is definitely an experiment. They SHOULD come out two different colors. This picture is off the dye made with the pits after about hours. It seems lighter than the peels and they are both with 1 yard of 110″ cotton fabric. I’m not sure what the wrinkles will do. Will it dye evenly there? Will the fabric have sunk into the deeper dye bath over the hours. Stay tuned!

As I told you yesterday, this is Thunder in the Valley weekend. It’s a big motorcycle rally and brings bikers and their families to our region. Will it be as big as usual? It was cancelled last year and I guess we’ll see, but the kids have decided to close the coffee shop this weekend due to all of the out of town vendors. The city has the vendors right outside their doors. Other local downtown businesses have closed for the weekend too and that’s where they got the advice. Being a new business, they can’t afford to lose money. Trusting your gut is always best, so maybe we’ll get to see them!

AND!!! Drumroll! Tonight is the night that Dawn is teaching a special class in Fire Hooping! There are only 7 of us and I can’t wait. Pictures tomorrow definitely.

Here’s a link to the event description but it’s not open to the public due to the nature of it. As Jay says, “Go ahead. Burn yourselves up”. He’ll be there though. After 9!

Ring of Fire

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!