Daily Reflections From My Window

June 24, 2021 Thursday: The Day of too much stuff


“My clearing has allowed me to rediscover things I stopped seeing and put them into a place of prominence.”

Lisa J. Shultz

Good morning!

Despite my best intentions, and I’m careful not to call them efforts, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have too much fiber to process myself. I had intended to make 2021 a year of self production, but along the way discovered ways to improve my productivity by finding others who can do what I would like to have done more efficiently. Take socks for example. People LOVE alpaca socks. I found a company that will make socks in large quantities and they are beautiful. Then I found several mills that can spin just the right yarn for their machines and will send the finished yarn to them. That is what I’ve wanted all along. So why not do it? I am. The one mill is on a 9 month wait because of Covid (they did the samples and still have my fiber) but will continue with what they have of mine. Another mill can do the spinning in a shorter period but requires the fiber to be washed and dyed if need be before sending. And they require 100 pounds for what I’d like to have made. Yesterday I dragged out my buckets and got to work. I got about 5 blankets washed, spun and in the rinse. They soaked overnight and this AM will be spun and laid on drying racks. Then I’ll reload the buckets and do as many more as I can. I have a few commitments today. One in the late morning and I NEED to hoop tonight! In between, we’ll get it done. I want this fiber to be on it’s way to the mill by early next week if not before. Here are pictures of some on drying racks and some on bags in the line up to be weighed and packed. This is just a fraction. Jay surprised me last night by remarking how well one of the pairs of sock samples we had had made felt on his feet when he wore them to play golf. He said that he threw them in the wash with a bunch of other things he needed and they came out great. Now the interrogation began. How did you wash them? What setting? Did you put them in the dryer? What setting? Do they feel like they shrunk? This was JUST what I needed to hear! He just washed them like anyone would wash a regular sock-he thinks cotton setting, or maybe permanent press. Yes, into the dryer, maybe permanent press, no special treatment and no shrinking! We will repeat the process to make sure but the preliminary findings look good. Between all the fiber washing, I made a visit to my chiropractor and he worked on my knee and got my back feeling better. I apparently have a little arthritis there. Then off to get new white fabric and the mordant for Madison’s project. We’ll work on that today too. I needed to wash it and I’ll soak it this morning in prewash to prepare for the dyeing. I told you I was all backwards on this one but we’ll get it done. We finished off a busy day with wonderful friends who had invited us to dinner. Amy is the best cook I know and not only are her meals delicious, they are delicious and so beautifully presented. Did I take a picture? No! But I wish I had. I was so busy being in the moment that it wasn’t even a thought. She and Penn have a beautiful, cozy home that welcomes everyone. We got to catch up with our friends and they included an old friend of all of ours from out of town. Great to see Joe too! Amy and Penn have two grown sons who are friends of our son and who are at this moment, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. How amazing is that? I read a book called “And Not to Yield” about a mountain climber. Worth the read. Don’t ever give up! I am all over the place today so let’s wrap things up. We all have too much of something, whether it’s fiber, clothing, emails, texts or hair! The trick is to have just enough. To cull the herd so to speak. To make things manageable so that you can enjoy what God gave us-friends, family and time with them. If you have any tips on taming an inbox, please share! Our hummers are back and they are a welcome sight first thing in the morning and we are lucky to have so many.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!