Daily Reflections From My Window

June 18, 2021 Friday


“I always felt that making a living wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, and I decided I was going straight ahead and try to be as uncomplicated as possible. The important thing in life is just living and loving.”

Doris Day

We need more Doris Day. I loved her movies, especially the ones with Rock Hudson, and I loved her tv show. We need more happy. I’m tired of deep and complicated. I watch too much news.

Anywho, it’s been cold the last few mornings. I miss the warm mornings already.

As I said yesterday, it was all about fiber. I spent about 2 hours putting up an easy to install temporary fence by Gallagher called the Smart Fence so that we can rotate the alpacas to fresh grass. I had used it when I first got it 8 years ago and one of the strands of wires slipped out of the feeder so I must have gotten busy and never rethreaded it. I forgot about it since I had put it up in the loft of the barn. I came across it and remembered how easy it was to use, but had to rethread it first. It’s got 4 reels of wire strands and has stakes loaded on the all in one system. If assembled correctly, it works like a dream. I had to take it apart and then try to thread the one wire through a tensioner. Putting it back together took several attempts and it still isn’t quite right but I got it to work. The alpacas minded it and stayed within bounds.

Picture credit goes to Gallagher.com

Then really to fiber. I’m still working on socks. Today I plan to pack up and ship a good portion of the fiber and send it to be made into sock yarn and then socks. I want this to be a totally PA made item with our fiber (and my friend Diane’s). I’m waiting to hear from this mill what the minimum requirements are of weight. The socks will be made from 20% nylon/80% alpaca yarn, with an addition of 6% nylon and 2% elastic that runs in through the machine along with the yarn. The higher nylon and elastic will help with stretch. I’m going to eliminate the merino like in the first run we had made. I also think that I will send some dyed fiber and mix it up a bit.

I was dragging yesterday. Could it have been the cheese in the breakfast frittata? It was full of great greens, but Jay was not a fan of the beet stems and greens. I have to admit that they were a bit stiff even though I sautéed them first before baking. They were easy to pick out, thank goodness. There were also onions, garlic scapes, green peppers and a few more veggies in there. We have more so I guess if I feel the same way today, the cheese could be the culprit.

After a full day we headed to the Ligonier Night Market where we picked up dinner. I skipped hooping because my knee was really achey yesterday. I must have twisted it when working on the fencing and when I reapplied the KT tape according to the website for knee pain, it made it worse. Last night I went back to Dr. Dave’s method of one piece cut in half and though it still aches, is much better.

We got mushroom soup and the famous smoked salmon from Out of the Fire Cafe and some grass fed patties and fresh eggs from McCormick Farms in Portage from the Ligonier night Market. We need to support our local farms in every way and the evening couldn’t have been more pleasant! It’s always around 8* warmer there than here so when we got there it was around 74* there. The temperature did start to drop as we walked around and when we got home it was barely 59* at 7:30 PM here, but it was sunny!

We ate the mushroom soup since neither of us were that hungry last night and the chill in the air made it the perfect choice. It’s nice to have dinner planned out already for tonight. Salmon it is! I may need a few things from our local market this morning and a visit to Hooded Wonder Coffee and Records of course.

For now, I’ll get back to packing up fiber. Then on to my weaving project.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!