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June 1, 2021 Thursday Back to Fiber


“It is just that we should be grateful, not only to those with whose views we may agree, but also to those who have expressed more superficial views; for these also contributed something, by developing before us the powers of thought.”


What’s the weather going to do today? First I see 82% chance of rain. Then the sun looks like it’s coming out. Sort of like yesterday. I had an appointment with Dr. B early to readjust my kinesio tape and that went well. Amazing how that works. Then I came home and stepped off a ledge, onto a rock and twisted my knee. I did what he told me to do when that happens and stretched out my leg and bent it a few times until I heard and felt it go back into place and now it aches a little but is fine. If I hadn’t had this tape on, it could have been worse.

The day continued that way and I was having my glasses adjusted and the stem of the template broke off. Not my wonderful technician’s fault but the way that the glasses were constructed. Tara fixed me up enough to get me home and luckily I have another pair until the new pair arrive. I was watching her work and was amazed at her professionalism and calmness in the face of what to many could have been a real disaster. She’s a real professional and the only one I go to for my eyeglasses. She has great style. I should have taken a picture of her smiling face. Here are my second set of spare glasses-not the ones that broke. This was all before 11 AM and I got home at noon and started to straighten up for our wonderful cleaning person who comes about once a month. I love the luxury of this one little perk but I have a habit of throwing things into bins and then into my closet instead of sifting through the mess. I just delay it. After that, she texted and said that she had an emergency and had to cancel. So I continued cleaning. I hope all went well Tammy!

Alpacas were up next. I’m trying to encourage them to eat more grass and not depend so much on hay. I think I mentioned a few days ago that I got a portable electric fence kit at Tractor Supply. My intention is to set it up in the field and move it as they clear an area and rotate them. I didn’t realize that it says “garden” on it, but there was a picture of a deer on the front. I went back to the website and noticed that they edited the listing. Same number, same price. Well, the only thing I need are a few extra taller stakes. The ones that come with it are about half the height I need. We have many around here. The perimeter would be the same. Charger is solar.

Jay was getting together with friends last night so we had an early dinner. I made roasted eggplant with a meat sauce and roasted beets and a salad. I used everything I’d gotten at the farmers market so I’m ready to restock tomorrow. Did I take a picture? No! HERE’S the link to the recipe. All fresh ingredients-even the herbs makes it so good. We have enough of the meat sauce for dinner tonight and I’ll probably make it with gluten free pasta and a salad.

While Jay was gone, I decided to tackle my closet. I’ve been doing one at a time and it was the time for mine. I was listening to the news for background noise and I shouldn’t do that. It makes me crazy when I hear that Americans are offended when they see other Americans flying the American flag. It’s the flag of our country for Heaven’s sake! It represents freedom from tyranny and taxation without representation.

I’ll have to get all of our flags out. I think we need to revisit history and what it represents for ALL AMERICANS. There also was a judge talking about how NO other flags should fly on any US government buildings. Those buildings represent our freedom from government and when they fly the Pride flag or the BLM flag, or the breast cancer awareness ribbon flag, or try to celebrate the theme of the month, they are expressing an opinion. She added that the only flag that should be flown there is the American Flag and maybe the flag of the state or county in which the building resides. She also talked about judges robes and how they where black and only black. That represents neutrality and shows that each case is decided on its own merit. It was enlightening and HERE’S that link to the Tammy Bruce Show.

That’s what the Scripture and quote by Aristotle are about today. These news shows are making me really think and it’s about how smart our founding fathers really were. At some point in my younger life I wanted to save the world and everyone in it. Then I went to work and then had my own business. It wasn’t easy and I wasn’t living high on the hog. I had what I could afford. I had a tiny car that I loved (and could afford), I lived in a one bedroom apartment in a neighborhood near where I grew up that I could afford (first the rent was $270 and went up to $340 a month) and my clients were comfortable coming to visit since that’s where my business was, and I spent my money in the Charles Givens (he was the financial guru back then!) manner. I had savings and THEN I could share with others who may not have been as thrifty, which I did. I made sure that my feet were on firm ground. Except for my car payment I think it was $97 a month? Dodge Colt), I had no debt. If I didn’t have the money to pay in cash, I didn’t buy it. I realized that I didn’t need a lot of things. My parents offered no assistance-that wasn’t their way. When you left, you were on your own. Made sense! I took vacations because I budgeted for them. I can’t believe how our country is in such bad shape and we still are giving billions away to other countries. Why are we the world’s bank? We’re going to be broke. It’s our money-your money. Reminds me of flying. Put your oxygen mask on first before you assist others. Makes total sense to me.

I’m really late today. I was really tired yesterday with all this thinking and overslept this morning. I only got up at 7:30. That’s late for me. I’ll be getting back to fiber today and website updating. I don’t think I have to go anywhere until hooping later. That will be a welcome break. Thanks for reading my rambles. I know that this one might not be very interesting to you but it’s what’s on my mind today.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!