Daily Reflections From My Window

June 9, 2021 Wednesday More about quality


“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”


Who better would know about quality than the House of Gucci? With the signature interlocking capital Gs and taupe and brown leather handbags with the red and green stripe, it was the brand to emulate. And not just for the look, but fit the quality and fit. The price? Didn’t matter because it lasted. They used great components. Even in their clothing. Beautiful fabrics. Always. You’ll have to search for a picture. I couldn’t afford a Gucci of my own and though it was quality, it really wasn’t my style so no original photo of one here.

Here she goes again, you’re thinking. Yup. I want to share more about perfection vs. reality and the delicate balance. Unfortunately I took one picture yesterday so I will supplement with random pictures from this morning and who better to start with than one of Hammy.

I had some errands to run yesterday and got them done, thank goodness. Tractor Supply in both Ebensburg for my alpaca food and then to the store in Johnstown. Thank goodness they are close to each other. I spent more time trying to do the curbside order pickup, which I ditched in favor of just stopping in at the store. I have to go to the Ebensburg store because they’ll get the food I buy. I like the people there too. I go to the Johnstown store for supplies and yesterday they happened to have a portable electric fence kit. We’ll see how setting that up goes. I really need our alpaca to eat some of our grass. It will cut down on lawn mowing. Once I gave up on trying to order the fence through my app and have curbside pick up in Johnstown, and I went into the store, a very nice person found the kit, made sure that I hadn’t already paid and edited my info for me and I was out in 10 minutes. We have wonderful people at both stores.

Then I headed to the Painted Fern in Ligonier. Luci Wagner and her sister hand select plants and herbs (let’s not forget about the beautiful gift and accessory shop that the garden store is attached to!) and have such amazing ones from which to choose. Colors, leaf structure, fragrance and quality all matter. Her plants are some of the loveliest in the area and I always make it a point to go there. I regret not taking a photo of my car when they loaded the plants in. Madison remarked that they should take a picture and post it. I had 6-50 pound bags of Mazuri alpaca food (the bags are purple, black and white). On top of them where the electric fence kits in long boxes, and nestled in between it all were the plants. I had at least a dozen purple salvia, anise hyssop-the herb of 2019, a basket of nasturtium, dill and a few other plants. I was planning to go straight to hooping so I had my 4 hula hoops in the mix. I actually considered reloading my car to get a picture and then the balance of perfection vs. reality grabbed me. No picture. I had to get to hooping after quickly unloading at home. If you’ve been to Dawn’s hula hoop fitness class at the Grove, you know what the balance of reality vs. perfection is in real life. She knows. She makes hoops herself that class members are welcome to use there or buy their own. She weights them with the right amount of water to slow them down and make the hoop move more slowly and deliberately. That makes it more effective for fitness and for fun.

She shows us how to do each movement step by step and if we do it and PRACTICE either in class or at home, it eventually happens. She chooses great music and has a smile so you never even think it’s anything but fun. You just don’t give up when it’s so much fun. Like it should be.

Last night, I was thinking about all of this during the class. As I looked around and saw all of the different levels of hoopers in one circle, I noticed that some hoopers can do different things more easily because of the way they are built. I was particularly thinking of arms. I think my arms must be short because I have a hard time with passing the hoop around my body. I have a really hard time with something called a back roll. I was thinking about it when I heard Dawn say, “and then we’ll go from there into a back roll! I know Julie-you won’t like that!” Then she looked around at the 16 of us and thought we might have to save that for another day when we’d have more space in the big gym. We were in the room with the AC last night. Whew! But, I know I need to practice it more. Yes, my arms are shorter and the more I practice, the easier it will get. It might not look as pretty but I will accept it and not quit just because I can’t do it perfectly. Balance in all things. Even hooping!

Here are some pictures of what’s blooming in our garden. Jay got the grass cut yesterday right before the sky let loose. It looks great.

As I was looking around at Luci’s store I asked what one plant was and she told me. I said that I thought I’d pulled it out because I thought it was a weed. She thought I’d even bought it from her last year. Here’s great advice that she didn’t even realize she was sharing, “I wait until everything has bloomed before I weed. That way, I make sure it’s NOT a weed.” That is genius! So if you do come to my house, I’m just waiting for things to bloom before I figure out whether something stays or goes. Makes so much sense. Luci has it figured out.

I’m headed up to Dr. B to have my Kinesiology Tape adjusted on my knee and then back home to tend to my livestock. If it’s not too mucky, I’ll put up the fence.

So what did Gucci have to do with anything? My socks. I’m still trying to figure out the socks. And the process, and the price. Good socks are worth their weight in gold. Shoes and socks together make the difference!

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, get outside for some fresh air and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!