Daily Reflections From My Window

May 9, 2021 Mothers’ Day


“Yes, Mother. I can see you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me.”

Alice Walker

Today is Mother’s (Mothers’ ?) Day and it’s a great day to reflect on our own Mothers. Mine has been with God (and my Dad) in Heaven for a very long time. Let’s see. I’m terrible with dates so I have to remember that Jack was 3 when she died and 4 when my Dad died. He’s 27 now. Every year he would ask Santa for a grandmother, or Amma as he called her (thanks to cousin Skye!).

She was beautiful, my mom. She was an athlete and a free spirit which was unusual-or maybe not-for that time. She LOVED to swim and ice skate. Thank goodness I took to ice skating pretty quickly because swimming was not my favorite. Those of you who know me well will see the irony in that.

When she was younger, she tried out for the Ice Follies. It was more ice dancing than the Ice Capades and apparently was packed and ready to go until her mother (she of the no fluids after Wheel of Fortune Fame) put the kabosh on that. “No good Catholic daughter of mine is traveling around the world alone! I won’t have it!” And that was that. So I learned that moms can tear you down or build you up and I’ll bet that after that, my adventure loving Mom was never the same, but I think she always had that wanderlust way back in her mind. Notice who’s smiling in this picture? My grandmother, who we affectionately called Mothey. All 5’1″ and 100 lbs. of her. She was a tough cookie and had that long black hair (Undyed!) for as long as I knew her until she died in her 80s. I think she GAVE the grey hair! Here they are, dancing at our wedding.

My mom grew up in Oakland, outside of Pgh and she met my Dad when he was a student at Carnegie Tech (now CMU) and the rest was history, a traditional (Catholic) marriage and 4 kids. My Dad was NOT athletic! He loved to tinker, bake, read and garden. I think that’s what she loved about him. What did I inherit from my mom? Her B-12 deficiency and Grave’s disease! I wish I’d gotten her spark, and she was oh so glamorous and had such sex appeal! I did not get that! She was a force to be reckoned with. I wish Jay and Jack had known her like I did. She was a fabulous artist and had so many good qualities I loved. She would hold me on her lap forever without ever getting tired and try to get me to take chances of which I resisted! Like to get the heck off of her lap! We had special times together that I cherish. She would drive me and some friends to ice skate when we got older every Sunday at South Park ice skating rink and before that, it was just us. She also drove me to the Carnegie Museum on Saturdays with my friend Beth for Tam ‘O Shanter Art Classes.

I love this picture of my parents looking at each other.

She had a big blue station wagon and taught me the value of driving and listening to your kids with their friends when they just think of you as the chauffeur. THAT was smart! That station wagon was the bane and blessing of the neighborhood. On one hand, it (meaning she) drove us to the drive ins in the summer, but in the winter, when the rule was, if the bus couldn’t get to your street, school for you was canceled, my mom would be on her way to work and see us waiting for the bus. She’d pull over, pick up every kid who could fit in the car (and a station wagon in the 60s could fit a LOT of kids) and off to school she would take us. Yes, popular, I was not for that!

So many fun memories. My mom loved to have fun, be fun and make fun. I don’t have time to write it all right now!

I wish she were here so we could compare notes and laugh and see what a terrific grandson she has. She loves him so much and I know is watching over us all. Love you Mom!

That’s what I’m thinking about today. Mom. Hug yours if she’s here.

I did a little dyeing yesterday. I love color, but maybe I’ll do a bit of natural black and white yarn. Mom used to sketch on a notebook with a charcoal pencil. Loved doing that together!

Here’s a picture of Jay’s Mom Margo. She was a real beauty. I never met her but everyone talks about her beauty and love for animals. She never needed a stitch of makeup and didn’t even realize her own beauty. She had 5 amazing children and left a very devoted husband when she died. I wish I’d known her. I know I would have loved her and we had a lot in common!

Here’s our friend Doug who died way too young. Yesterday would have been his birthday. We miss him every day. 🍻🇬🇧💂‍♀️ (Carol is my friend in the center.)

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!