Daily Reflections From My Window

May 7, 2021, Friday-A Day Off?


“When this is over, and camps are open, we’ll need to reprogram kids to make eye contact and chew with their mouths closed.”

Greg Gutfeld on “The Five”

Today I’m taking a little respite from praising Jay’s wonderful virtues. He asked to be less of a focus. That’s hard to do since we’re together all day! I will grant him a little break, but I’m not sure what will flow from my pen this morning or whether it will include him. I’m just not sure.

So I needed to go to my favorite news analyst/comedian for a morning quote and settled on something he said about camps and kids. I have noticed that I am losing the ability to look people right in the eye when speaking since I don’t see anyone anymore and when I do, don’t remember where I’ve met them. A certain young man needs to focus on chewing gracefully again. Just sayin’.

Today’s (is that supposed to be possessive? It isn’t Today Is. oh well…Leila Lou?) view inspired the scripture. I just love when the clouds rest above the trees and look like an island. It changes by the minute. Here it is now. It looks totally different. As I look out again, another cloud is forming to the left. The alpacas are happily grazing despite it only being about 30* this morning. The weather stick isn’t sure what to think but yesterday was right. It was a beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately I had lots of errands to run and didn’t get outside until around 4 PM.

The new view after a few minutes. Check out the clouds that look like islands.

Back to yesterday. It’s been a while since I had my eyes checked so off to Dr. Christie Cardellino for my regular checkup. Thankfully, my eyes barely changed. She gives a very thorough exam and we switched to her several years ago after Dr. Mucker retired and she took over for him and started her own practice. We really like her and recommend her! For a while, we went to Dr. Krell who was an excellent eye surgeon. I think he fired us because we really didn’t need him anymore though Dr.Mucker discovered that I had narrow angle glaucoma and sent me to him to relieve the pressure in my eyes. I think he saved my eyesight. He had to drill laser holes in each of my eyes to relieve the pressure. He was a character though. He did not like women to wear eye make up and asked one time if I had to “wear all that gunk on my eyes.” Yes, he said gunk. Since then, I’ve laid off the gunk and he would be so proud of me lately. I barely wear any gunk. Then off to get some new glasses from the premiere eye glass artist, Tara Popchak.

But first, as I was walking in to her shop, I looked down and darn! There was a Lincoln penny, face up. “Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day, you’ll have good luck!” Well, I picked it up and I think I did have good luck for the rest of the day! But-I forgot to take a picture of it where it lay. Here it is once I got home. As for the rest of the good luck, Tara never gives up finding the perfect fit and frame and when I walked in, said she had just the frames for me. After trying on many pairs-at her insistence, not mine-we settled on her first instinct. I always think that’s the best. She’s so good at what she does and I can’t wait to get them. She asks good questions too! Like, do we have weddings coming up where I’ll be in photos? Two so far and I would NEVER have thought of that! Then she pointed out which glasses I should get the transition shades on and which I should leave clear and why. She really is good! She’s a Retail Sales Supervisor at Visionworks in Richland. Need new glasses? She’ll get the perfect pair and fit for you! Then I headed to Walmart to get some Body Armour Lyte and V-8 juice. I like the BAL because it has a lot of electrolytes and few calories and also vitamin Bs-

But then I saw this V-8 Hydrate.

I need to do a little comparison research, but it is very refreshing. I also got regular V-8 for the sodium. Still working on that.

Then home to sort and blow fiber. I got 3 blankets blown out and hopefully today it will remain dry enough for me to get a good chunk of these done and packaged for shipping. I have a new idea for some of it. The not so new thing is 100% Natural wool T-shirt’s. Why not 100% natural alpaca T-shirt’s? I have a knitting machine. All I need is for the yarn to be spun fine enough. I’ve contacted a few mills about it. We can do this and make it entirely in the USA! I know we can.

Jay and I (oops sorry honey!) have been eating way too late on hoop days, so I got my dinner in the crockpot early so we could eat either before or after, right away. It’s lemon chicken I had made and frozen with Mediterranean veggies. He had a few afternoon meetings so we ate right after and it worked out. We slept like babies. No fluids after Wheel of Fortune snd we’re good to go. We DID indulge in a treat from our hooping friend Barb, who works at the local Blaine Boring Chocolates downtown. She felt so bad about not making it to help shear that she brought us these sweets. She’s a sweetie and did not need to do that, but I’m glad she did! I try not to buy candy, but I will definitely buy these! They were THE BEST chocolate covered strawberries we have ever eaten. They were so fresh and didn’t have that gooey sugary goo that drips out. They were just strawberries and chocolate. Oh my gosh! The best! Thank you dear friend! Jay loved his as did I! 😉🍓

Here’s what I saw first thing this morning. And then this!

Time for oil before the price goes up more. I’m still in my pjs but Jay is supervising.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!