Daily Reflections From My Window

April 29, 2021 Thursday


“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” Robert Lynd

Jay, with his nickname of “Jaybird” has taught me a lot about birds and being quiet in order to watch them. He especially loves goldfinches and thank goodness we have a lot of them. They like to eat the nijer seeds and I think sunflower seeds too. They love wild thistle and I have stopped pulling it from our garden so that they have a natural source. Yes, it looks messy but it brings them to the feeders. My oldest sister Ann loves watching birds too. Growing up, we had a big drum in our backyard that served as a feeder for the birds. I guess I always liked birds too. We had a few parakeets over the years. I think I prefer birds outside to inside though. Yesterday Jay got his first Covid vaccine. He got the Moderna and it seemed to go well with no real aches or pains, yet. My doctor does not recommend them so he took my spot. He sent over a protocol if I would get the virus and it uses Ivermectin as the main deterrent which is interesting since it is a common thing to use in keeping alpacas safe from meningeal worms. Coincidence that I alternate between that and Dectomax for my alpacas? Nope. We call that a Godwink. So if Jay had not had Covid twice, believe me, he would have not been in line for a vaccine, but because he had it, he does not want it again and I don’t blame him. He’s still asleep. I think I kept him up. I kept waking up with strange dreams.Yesterday I did some weeding and noticed that the Irises were coming out. My friend Blanche loved Irises. These may have come from her garden and when I see them I always think of her fondly. So many of my plants came to me by way of these lovely ladies from St. Mark’s Church. I learned so much about flowers, cooking and life from them. More blooms to come and I’ll share where and who they came from.

My new church friend Cindy Purcell put out a reminder that she saw her first hummer last week. She’s in Ligonier so they are always a bit ahead of us with good weather. Our first hummer usually appears on May 2-4 so I put my feeder up so that if they are early, we’re ready. One year I was late and they actually came looking for me and I heard them tapping on my studio window to get my attention. They are smart little things and I look forward to them every year. I’m hoping that my weather stick is right today and it will be a nice day. Some days it’s not sure but when it points up it’s saying nice weather. When it’s down, not so good. Today, it can’t decide. It looks to be slightly pointing up. Thanks to Stacy and Paul for this little gem.

I had a treat yesterday in that our cleaning lady Tammy was finally able to come. Because of Jay’s few bouts with Covid, we had to postpone a few times. She usually comes every other week and she is a huge help! It’s just nice to see her. She’s so cheerful and perky! She puts me in a good mood. I forgot to take a picture but our house is spic and span now!

That gave me time to make us a nice dinner. I looked out on our (untreated) lawn and saw all of the dandelions and thought to myself that I’m an idiot for ever buying greens at the store! Our yard is full of edibles, so I went out and picked lots of dandelions. Here’s the recipe I used and it was delicious-or so Jay told me since I can’t taste yet.

I guess that’s it. I wrapped up the evening by watching our President’s address. Jay wouldn’t watch it but I can’t have an opinion if I can’t listen myself. It’s so interesting how divided our country has become and I wonder if my feelings of dread have more to do with that than menopause. I listen and just wonder what has happened to our greatest country on Earth? My friend Barb and I talk about this a lot. The phrase “white privilege” is just abhorrent. Everyone has different circumstances and depending on your situation, you can appear to be privileged but things are not what they seem. And how did EVERYONE and EVERYTHING become racist? I guess you think that because I have white alpacas, I’m racist, but I really put a lot of thought into what color was most practical for my small space, and decided that white and light fit the bill since I can dye the fiber any color. I have many sources for the other amazing natural colors. So that was my plan and it’s working for me.

I really like Senator Tim Scott who did the rebuttal.

A few memorable bits from his speech that I wrote down as I listened.

“Education is the closest thing to magic in America.”


“Common sense makes common ground.”

We need to get common sense back and stop being a bunch of cry babies. Did speaker Pelosi get a text at the very beginning of the President’s speech? Looked like it and they cut away! Amazing.

It’s another lazy day for the alpacas. Soon we’ll be preparing for shearing next week.

The redbud is about to burst. One of our favorite first sites of spring. I love the purple against the spring green grass! Jay planted some more pollinator seeds all around. We should be loaded with butterflies and bees soon.

I’m off to a haircut today and I need it! Ugh. The rain has begun. So much for the stick as a predictor. Today at least!

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!