Daily Reflections From My Window

April 9, 2021 Friday: Madison’s and Sue’s Birthdays


 “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work.”

Tim NotkeLeila Lou..grammar help on that title!

What’s on my mind today? Well, I overslept. I didn’t get up until 8ish. My tick bite has been kind of itchy so last night I took 2 Benadryl so that I could sleep and boy did I.

I think it helped with the itching too. It’s not as swollen and that makes me happy.

Here’s Hammy, munching away in the rain. We needed some rain. It’s been very dry and warm, which I have loved. But the rain is welcome. Things will pop and green up now.

I put my Garden Tower and bigger containers outside the other day and though I watered them, this soaking rain will be good for them. Tonight, I may need to move them closer to the heat and protection of the house and put a cover on them.

Now back to the news of the day. It’s Madison’s Birthday and we have plans to celebrate! Yesterday, Lily arrived and the fun began. They headed to Pgh to work on Madison’s recording project while we watched Connor. The weekend is going to be fun for them!

More about Madison. What makes her special? Here’s what I’ve learned about her. She’s an old soul. Despite her youth, she’s like a person who has lived a few lives. She’s got wisdom. She’s smart. She’s got grit and integrity. She’s not afraid to take chances. She goes after what she wants. She’s a hard worker. She’s educated. She’s talented. She’s compassionate. She’s modest and humble. She’s absolutely beautiful! She’s ours and we love her! I hope you get to know her too. She’s pretty amazing! I wish I could have known her Mom. I have a feeling that they had a lot in common. I can’t wait to celebrate this dear girl’s day!

It’s also my sister-in-law Sue’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Sue! Hope we can get together soon!

Sad news today. Prince Philip has passed away right before his 100th Birthday. They met when Elizabeth was 13 and he was 18. What a love story. Will Harry show up? We’ll have to wait and see!

Not much else on my mind today. Get out there and use your talents. I have discovered that I love hula hooping. Is it my talent? With more practice, maybe. It is definitely Dawn’s. Her smile and enthusiasm make it a pure joy. I have also discovered that I abhor bookwork. Is it my talent? Nope. But it’s a necessary thing and no matter how much I practice it is hard.

If you need coffee before noon, Madison is at the coffee shop. Stop and say Happy Birthday!

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!