Daily Reflections From My Window

April 5, 2021 Monday After Easter


“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.”

Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Happy Easter Monday to all!

We had a lovely day yesterday. Our church has resumed in person worship and though it forces me to be organized and make reservations, I can do it.

It always amazes me (and Jay) how we learn something with each sermon from Fr. Jim that either is hidden in plain site in the scripture, or that we just never gave any thought. One thing is that the disciples, though they traveled with Jesus, saw every single miracle, listened to him speak, and simply enjoyed his presence, were usually hunkered down in fear somewhere when the going got tough. Then there was Mary Magdalene. Pegged by the Pope in an earlier century as a former prostitute, a claim not verified in the scriptures, she was Jesus’ FIRST apostle. SHE spread the news first to the other apostles that Jesus had survived death. SHE went to the tomb and wouldn’t give up. That’s something to think about. So I am.

Too bad we didn’t take any pictures at church, we were all dressed up. It was so nice to see and talk to everyone!

We were invited to a special Easter dinner with friends who are like family. Amy makes Martha Stewart look like a beginner in the beautiful home, table setting and delicious food department. Well, all departments, really. She has that special something. They are really special people and I’m so happy and grateful that we are friends. It was so wonderful to spend the day with them and we were able to be outside and enjoy the day and check out what was new in the garden. Penn is quite a carpenter and built Amy a fenced-in, raised bed garden to keep away the deer, along with a garden shed. It’s beautiful as well as functional. Did I take a picture of the garden? No! But here we are enjoying the sun.Now back to the delicious meal. My plate doesn’t do it justice!

She made salmon, asparagus, a leek and artichoke tartlet with an amazing salad, along with her signature crudités of radishes, cucumbers and more. Of course she made an amazing coconut carrot cake from scratch. There is nothing she can’t do! Take a peek. There is always something to discover on her table, like this planter. Or these amazing eggs.There’s a story here!

Such a sweet planter and you’ll ALWAYS find healthy happy plants at her house.

She can grow just about anything and she’ll be the last to take credit, instead saying, “oh, it likes that spot”, or something similarly self deprecating! Here is a Clivia. Not an easy plant to grow, hers is multiplying! She said she gave me one-now to locate it.

So today? We are expecting company later. More on that tomorrow. We started the day watching the dog who doesn’t wander chase some deer in our field. It’s another beautiful day and I will get my chores done early. We (yes, Jay and I) got a burst of spring cleaning last night and cleaned everything that wasn’t breathing around here! Now to have breakfast and start the day. Maybe a smoothie?

I so appreciate the dry weather lately. It makes livestock care so much more enjoyable. The alpacas like it too! I think we have a few more days this week of it. Thank you, God!

I hope you are able to enjoy it like these guys!

So what’s with the quote about the itch? I was bitten by a tick last week and though I have been on doxycycline since, the site of the bite is so itchy and getting itchier. I think I need to have it looked at again and will squeeze that in today. It’s red and swollen and the itch is spreading. Always something. In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of an alpaca cria (which is a baby alpaca and about 3 feet long) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!