Daily Reflections From My Window

March 11, 2021 Thursday


It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

George Herman Ruth

I always love to read what Babe Ruth has to say. Common sense and to the point. And true. We just finished the last episode of “The Crown” last night and were left hanging, and waiting for season 5. I think it will be a while. I hope I remember what’s going on.

About not giving up, this season was so interesting with Margaret Thatcher and the Queen at odds a lot. Neither one gave an inch. PM Thatcher didn’t get the nickname “The Iron Lady” for nothing. I have to keep asking Jay who was right or who won in that battle in real life. He’s a walking encyclopedia of history, thank goodness. And Gillian Anderson was spectacular as Margaret Thatcher. The Charles and Diana saga is so sad! At first I felt sorry for Charles when he was younger but as more people got pulled into his pathetic world, lost all sympathy. This story is confirming how I’ve felt about him in real life (like it matters!) that he is a self absorbed, sniveling jerk. I hope the Queen lives forever. No comment on Harry and Meg, but I think my friend might be on to something and Harry may be the love child of Di and Major Hewitt. 😉😳

On to not giving up. I am determined to use these beautiful days wisely and get my pasture in order. Yesterday I got back to it and unbelievably, there were some spots still frozen but got the job done. I cleaned up the rest of the manure, hosed off the matts and cleaned them with Thieves. The trick is to not rinse the Thieves cleaner so that they walk through it and absorb it through their feet. I love passive care.

Everything looks so nice and clean and everyone walked through the Thieves as planned. Works like a dream.

On my don’t give up list are several more projects. I finished the fingerless mitts and had a baby hat to do for a special friend. Here it is. Finally finished. I hope it fits! I haven’t seen a baby in a while and when I asked how big was told, you know, “baby sized”. That’s a wide range. Thanks to my favorite Addi knitting group, I got some guidance and settled on doing 60 rows doubled, drawn up and secured.

I think I got the color right. I held a strand of our pure alpaca together with a strand of alpaca and tussah silk. It is soooo soft! I hope the little babe is comfortable!

Yesterday I had an appointment with a new PCP. After 30 years, I felt like I needed a change. I had blood work done for them to interpret in advance and am fit as a fiddle. Just hearing that makes me feel that way. My cholesterol is a bit high, but it’s my good cholesterol that’s high. That could be my genes. My sodium is still on the low side of normal. No one seems to have a great answer on how to get that up. She agrees that I should continue using the supplements I’m taking because they seem to be working and is very open to working with an integrative doc. I like that. She also agreed with him about lowering my Armour thyroid med just a bit. Might help with those “feelings”. The only place they differed in opinion was Vitamin D. He amped me up to 15,000 IU and she said that was way too much. How can I tell? She said that I would feel the way you feel when you’ve had sun poisoning-achey, tired…I think I’ll reduce that a bit. Now to catch up on the rest. Mammogram, eyes and gynecologist. I feel like I have reached old lady status where it’s exciting to get out and go to the doctor.

Not so fast though! I’m trying to plan a ski date with a special family. We were thinking about Monday because spring skiing is great, and at first snow was forecast but now it looks like rain. We shall see. It’s almost 50* here now. Yesterday it was in the 70s. I’ll take it!

I ended the day with a wonderful walk with my friend Kathy! She walks faster than Jay mostly because she’s fired up about something and we do a good pace, part with her dog Bella, and part without. Her dog is so well trained and Kathy uses a quiet voice to guide her. When Bella gets tired, we take her home and keep walking. We talk about what’s going on in our lives and generally catch up. It’s important to have good friends and I really appreciate her! Love you Kathy! I hope you have a good friend like her. Faithful, strong and loving, she’s part of my pack.

In the meantime, remember to wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home but if you MUST go out, wear a mask and keep the length of a full grown llama (which is bigger than an alpaca) between you and the next person.

Have a blessed day!